Snippets from Narendra Modi’s Interview with Journalists

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with journalists of various newspapers day before yesterday. He talked about the two years that he has served as the Prime Minister of India. He talked of how he plans to work in the coming three years as PM and also as to how he is planning for the 2019 when he will be seeking re-election.

Here are some interesting snippets from what PM told the journalists in response to questions that were asked to him.

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PM on any regrets in two years:

"As regards regrets, I am not sure if my answer will be to your liking. Before and during the parliamentary elections, there was a section of the media which strongly hoped that we would not win. My regret is that in the last two years, I have not been able to convince or persuade that section regarding our point of view. My challenge is to win over these sceptics, and persuade them of our sincerity and good intentions."

PM on how will inward looking countries affect global trends:

"The nations naturally keep their interests in mind even as they forge bonds of economic cooperation with other countries. Regarding Brexit, it is a subject that requires in-depth examination. In this regard, we will take correct decisions keeping in mind our interests."

PM on co-operative federalism:

"The sharp reduction in the Centre's share of taxes made by the Finance Commission necessitated redesign of centrally sponsored schemes. In fact the Commission had recommended their scrapping. Since Independence, the structure and funding pattern of centrally sponsored schemes have always been decided by the Centre unilaterally. This time, we constituted a sub-group of chief ministers under NITI and gave them the task of evolving a new pattern."

PM on New Delhi and Beijing look eye to eye:

"No country is an island unto itself today. We have to work together. India and China are neighbours, important players in Asia and increasingly significant actors on the global stage. We need to work together more, understand each other's interests and priorities and be sensitive to mutual concerns and interests."

PM on winning UP:

"We must pay attention to balanced industrial development in the state. Eastern Uttar Pradesh cannot be neglected. It is an area that is economically, educationally, and industrially backward. To reduce this imbalance, we are investing significantly in the region for the Dedicated Freight Corridor project. Eighteen nodes are proposed along the Dedicated Freight Corridor, which will spur development. The corridor will also provide a boost to chemical, cement, fertiliser and other industries. The Union government is also working to restart the fertiliser plant in Gorakhpur at a cost of Rs 6,000 crore. A new AIIMS is also proposed in eastern Uttar Pradesh. These steps will transform the industrial and economic landscape of eastern Uttar Pradesh."

PM on exasperation with opposition:

"The fact is that barring one party, the Opposition has been constructive in pursuing the larger national interest. The whole nation knows that it is only one party which, unable to adjust to the reality of its defeat, has made obstructionism its response to every issue, regardless of the negative consequences for the nation."

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