Guwahati meet: Rahul Baba confused over Indian and German economy?

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Guwahati, Feb 26: Did we hear it right? Rahul Gandhi said that Hitler's hatred reduced the country (you mean Germany?) to ashes. Our mind reeled back to history that shared a dark chapter of dilapidation, death and mayhem...true...but a look into the 20th century will clear all doubts.

Germany as a self-sufficient, advanced country

Being the largest national economy in Europe, Germany is considered to be a self-sufficient country that is known for its industries and agriculture both. However, most of its exports are in engineering, especially machinery, automobiles, chemical goods and metals.

Founding member of the European Union, it is the third largest exporter in the world with $1.516 trillion exported in 2012. In 2013, it also recorded the highest trade surplus in the world worth $270 billion, making it the biggest capital exporter globally.

37 of the Fortune 500 companies listed in the stock market are from Germany.

Where India stands

The Economy of India is the 10th largest in the world. It is the 19th largest exporter and the 10th largest importer in the world (did we have this word 'import' in Germany?), proving that the money that the country earns goes into buying what the country lacks.

In 2013, the value of Indian Rupees hit an all time low at Rs 68.80 against the US dollar. Struggling to cope with corruption and political game changers, the country is yet to achieve the basic requirement of food and shelter.

Industry versus agriculture

Home to some of the richest car brands, Germany's economy is run by industries mostly as agriculture is not their forte. India on the other hand is suitable for both, all credit to its geography and topography.

But, it has excelled in none. The things that it can manufacture (textile, food grains etc) do not have the right infrastructure and the things it does not have face the music of politics (the Nano ruckus in West Bengal).

Glaring Irony

Germany, a country that achieved so much since the end of the Nazi period 69 years ago, could be no comparison to a country like India where even 66 years of independence and democracy could not bring relief to the people, stricken with poverty, superstition, unemployment, inflation and price hikes.

The comparison stands null and void even more when it comes from the Vice-President of Congress, a party that has shown little result in solving the above-mentioned issues in its tenure of 10 years.

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