PM Narendra Modi in UAE: What can we expect?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make a trip to the United Arab Emirates starting Aug 16. The visit to the UAE is an important one in a lot of respects and the leaders would have a host of issues to discuss.

Boosting oil trade, curbing terrorism and seeking out investments would be the primary focus of this trip which has been billed as historic. The two day trip would also focus on ensuring that the 39 persons in ISIS captivity for nearly a year now are released as the UAE could use its clout in Iraq to do so.

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Boosting commercial cooperation:

Boosting oil trade with the UAE will be of primary focus during the trip. With the global crude oil prices trading lower compared to last year, this trip is expected to be fruitful as India looks to improve ties on this front with the UAE.

The other point of focus would on commercial cooperation with the UAE. With a sovereign wealth fund of 800 billion dollars, UAE has looked more towards the US for investments.

However, during the visit, the Indian Prime Minister would impress upon the UAE leadership to invest in Indian projects as well.

Fighting terrorism:

The issue of terrorism and security will also top the discussions with the UAE. India so far has failed to secure the release of 39 Indians who are in the captivity of the ISIS.

India would look to seek help from the UAE to help with the release of the Indians in the captivity of the ISIS.

The UAE could use its contacts in Iraq and help secure the release of the Indians and this would be discussed between the leaders, sources informed OneIndia.

Another point of discussion would be relating the cases of Indians reaching the UAE and then vanishing into Iraq or Syria.

This would require more cooperation from both sides. While India would provide the required Intelligence, the UAE could help in ensuring that people do not leave their soil and join the ISIS or al-Qaeda.

Events that Mod will attend:

During the trip, Modi would attend two public events. While one event would be for the Indians expartiate community in Dubai the other would be for the Indian workers. These events are expected to draw a crowd of up to 1 lakh.

Apart from the two events, Modi will hold discussions with Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed al-Nahyan who is the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

A meeting during his two day trip will also include a meeting with Vice-President of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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