Park Street rape survivor undergoes another bout of pain: Explained

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Suzette Jordon, Park Street rape survivor
Suzette Jordon, the Park Street rape survivor, has reportedly complained of being denied entry to a restaurant in Kolkata for being a victim of rape. The eatery's management has however refuted from the allegations, but not before the social media was abuzz with the shocking news.

Suzette Jordon's version

Jordon has reportedly accused the management of Ginger, a restaurant-cum-bar located in Hazra area of Kolkata, of denying her entry in the pub for she was a rape survivor. She was along with her fiance when the incident took place.

Suzette, 40, Jordon posted a status on her Facebook page on Sunday night saying, "Another humiliating moment in my life!!!! Was not allowed into a restaurant/pub! Known as. Ginger, Was told by the manager that being the 'PARK STREET RAPE VICTIM' he could not let me in, this was told to me reptedly by the rude manager who brazenly challenged me and added that I could even report his name."

As per a Deccan Chronical report, the manager repeated his statement thrice in front of at least 20 people, embarrassing Jordon. But none came to protest and were busy eating. Jordon called a reporter from a Bengali news channel to the restaurant who reached within minutes. She was abused too by the manager.

The restaurant's version

Restaurant owner Dipten Banerjee told reporters that she is a regular customer and was banned for not being a rape survivor but creating ruckus, in the past, after getting drunk.

"She was not barred for being a rape victim. Rather she had earlier created trouble. We have video footage to show how she had created trouble after getting drunk, and so we barred her," Banerjee was quoted as saying.

Current development

Meanwhile on Monday, Suzette Jordon filed a police complaint against Ginger's management at Kalighat Police station.

She even rubbished the manager's version and said she had visited the restaurant only once months back and said the manager was making stories about her.

Police, however, has chosen to remain silent over the issue.

How social media reacted

The social media went abuzz with the shocking news and demanded the eatery's license be cancelled.

Here is what people were saying:

Park Street rape case and related controversy

Jordon, a mother of two, was allegedly raped at gun-point inside a moving car on February, 2012 and later thrown out of the moving car.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had then courted controversy after dubbing the incident as a sajana ghatana or "cooked-up incident."

While five people were charged by the court, only three are behind bars. Two, including the prime suspect, are still at large.

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