Pakistan's incorrigible nuclear staff: Is Al-Qaeda targeting them?

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How safe are the nuclear weapons in Pakistan? Everyone across the world has expressed a great deal of concern over the safety of these weapons and often expressed apprehensions that it could well fall into the hands of Jihadis.

Pakistan has claimed that it has initiated a clean up act and has sacked several persons who were part of its Nuclear programme.


However, the danger is that these persons who have some information could be tapped by terrorist groups and this is something that Pakistan needs to watch out for.

The danger is even more grave with the Al-Qaeda now making fresh attempts at a massive recruitment drive targeting ex army personnel and officers who were part of the Pakistan establishment.

Officers part of the nuclear programme were incorrigible:

In an event held recently Brig (retd) Tahir Raza had said that Pakistan sacked several persons part of the nuclear programme who had negative tendencies.

He said that those working for the programme were incorrigible and they were unable to clear the personnel reliability programme.

He also added that the checks and measures are extremely stringent in nature. He added that they regularly check officers for their political and religious leanings and then screen them out.

Pakistan's nuclear scandal not new:

One must recollect the Nuclear proliferation scandal that broke out in 2003. In this case 12 persons were removed from office after they were found to be directly linked with Dr Abdul Khan a nuclear scientist.

It was found that several nuclear scientists in Pakistan were working for vested interests and a lot of information may have been leaked during that time.

Pakistan's nuclear capabilities have always been a matter of concern and doubts have been raised about their safety.

The world has constantly said that there is a good chance of it falling into the wrong hands. It was also said that if it falls into wrong hands they would ideally target India and this could lead to unimaginable chaos in the region.

Since the Abdul Khan incident, Pakistan has improved its checks and balances and even introduced the personal reliability programme.

The Al-Qaeda is knocking:

Latest Intelligence Bureau reports suggest that the Al-Qaeda has been knocking the doors of disgruntled and former officers.

There is a major recruitment drive on in Pakistan led by the Al-Qaeda where they want former and sacked officers who could provide them with information and expertise in waging a war.

The Al-Qaeda has last year attempted to take over a naval ship in Pakistan and use it to stage attacks on Indian and US naval ships.

However, this attempt was thwarted and during the investigation it was found that several persons who died during the counter terrorism exercise were former navy personnel from Pakistan.

Pakistan must be careful says India:

India has constantly expressed concern over Pakistan's nuclear programme. There is a need to keep a close tab on all those working on the nuclear programme.

Moreover, those officers who have been sacked also need to be monitored at all times, India has also told Pakistan.

Although Pakistan claims to be taking steps to secure their 120 off nuclear warheads, the danger of it falling into the hands of militants is something that would continue to nag India and the rest of the world.

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