Nun gangrape: Double-faced Mamata runs to CBI to find an escape route

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is not only mercurial by nature, she even makes a mockery of her administration by taking the most unpredictable of moves.

How did the CBI become a trusted body for Mamata Banerjee?

The same leader who had blasted the CBI in the past over probing the Saradha chit fund scam and also opposed the appeal of a family in Panrui in Birbhum district seeking a CBI investigation in the murder of one of its member, has now handed over the probe in the Ranaghat nun gangrape case to the central investigative agency.

Nun rape: Double-faced Didi runs to CBI

The same Banerjee had criticised the CBI when it began making a steady progress in the Saradha scam probe and caught hold of a number of leaders of the Trinamool Congress and left Banerjee rattled. She had even questioned the necessity of the investigative agency, saying it was always used by those in power at the Centre. Why?

A political master-stroke: It's a win-win situation for Mamata Banerjee

The U-turn by Banerjee is in the first place, a political masterstroke. By putting the ball into the CBI's court, Banerjee is giving the message that she is concerned about the safety of the state's people and did not hesitate to call the CBI to take over the probe.

If the CBI succeeds in nailing the culprits, she will have no hesitation to take the credit ahead of a series of elections in the state and if it fails, Banerjee will have the chance to say: "See, I had given the CBI the task to find out the culprits but it couldn't." A sympathy could be gained in that case in connection to the Saradha scam as well.

Strong reactions from all quarters also forced Mamata to run for the CBI cover

The second reason that made Banerjee run to the CBI is the impact of the Ranaghat horror. The matter has not remained confined to Bengal and even evoked national and even international reaction.

Representatives of the Vatican City and the government of Italy have visited the state in the wake of the incident and the foreign media too has addressed the issue.

Besides, Banerjee herself has faced a strong protest in Ranaghat where her convoy was stopped and 'go back' slogan was made.

The chief minister although tried her best to put up a strong face against the protesters and even dared them to touch her, somewhere within she was rattled by the spontaneity of the protest. With the civic polls approaching and just over a year left for the assembly polls, Banerjee could sense the heat of the snowballing anti-incumbency mood. Hence the CBI to find a temporary escape route.

But this U-turn on CBI has exposed Mamata's duplicity

But this duplicity has exposed Banerjee more.

Mamata's inefficient police department has been exposed and she is trying to shield it with the CBI

First, it has exposed the inefficiency of her own police and investigators. Forget arresting the culprits, the state police hasn't even succeeded to locate their whereabouts despite getting leads.

Mamata Banerjee has shown she is more a political CM and not for social welfare

What is striking is that some of the state investigators who looked into the Ranaghat issue were also there during the Saradha probe but they had mostly failed to make any primary breakthroughs and faced flak from the courts. It shows to what extent has political influence has eroded the credibility of Mamata Banerjee's police. Indeed, the security of the common man in Bengal is in god's hands.

Mamata has also revealed the poor administrator in her: She has shown that she is a Trinamool CM

Secondly, asking the CBI to probe the gangrape issue shows Mamata Banerje's failure as an administrator. She shocked everybody by started targetting the BJP and CPI(M) when facing protests in Ranaghat.

Is the chief minister expected to make political statements at a time of social crisis? Instead of taking strong steps against her inefficient police personnel, Banerjee was more busy acting like a Trinamool chief minister to slam the opposition parties.

She had done the same after a college girl was gangraped and killed in Kamduni in Barasat two year ago. She had also done the same when a woman faced a horrific experience at Park Street in Kolkata.

Mamata Banerjee has failed West Bengal soon after creating history. And now she is running away from the consequences and hiding behind what she had identified to be her enemy.

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