North East militants have an underground empire

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When the Indian army carried out an operation along the Indo-Myanmar border there were several revelations and one among them was the presence of underground units of militant groups.

The NSCN-K which had carried out the Manipur ambush in which 18 army personnel were killed had built a strong capacity along the border.


An officer with the National Investigating Agency informed OneIndia that during their investigation they had learnt about the capabilities of the outfit.

They have built an army and with the help of the ULFA-I and some elements within the Myanmar army have the required sophistication.

Going underground:

The underground bunkers are particularly shocking. They have bunkers underground all through the border. These bunkers are capable of holding nearly 300 militants. These bunkers also help avoid detection when a military operation is carried out.

These bunkers built jointly by the NSCN-K and the ULFA-I have all the requirements for staging a war. They hide food supplies and also arms in these bunkers. Most of the operatives who carry out an operation in India return to the Myanmar border and take shelter in these bunkers.

More camps coming up:

Indian Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that there are several underground bunkers. each bunker is divided with 20 members each. Each camp has a mix of militants from the ULFA-I and the NSCN-K.

They have been getting ample help from some insiders in the Myanmar army. Meetings are held in these bunkers, the official also informed. Further it has been found that the logistics is largely take care of by the NSCN-K and the ULFA-I ensures the supply of arms.

The ULFA-I chief Paresh Baruah who is currently hiding in China has built up a strong network across the North Eastern states. He has roped in several extremists from Bangladesh as well who supply arms to him. The NSCN-K chief S S Khaplang is the ideological mentor where as Baruah is an expert at operations.

All under one umbrella:

The two leaders have been making desperate attempts to bring each and every outfit in North East under one umbrella. Recent intelligence inputs showed that Khaplang had succeeded in roping in four outfits to fight under one umbrella.

One of the main reasons for him to violate the cease fire agreement with New Delhi was to ensure that like minded anti India groups came under one umbrella.

There was a split in the NSCN-K after the cease fire was violated. This led the NSCN-K carrying out an attack on the army personnel in Manipur.

There was a loud message in this attack and was aimed at bringing together every anti India force, the IB officer also added.

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