Modi's foreign tours show why he made it to the top on Forbes 'world's most powerful' list

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Modi's foreign tours (even in states that do not 'like' him) have proved to be little more than just diplomatic relations. Let's not call it the display of power, pertaining to the mass appeal that the leader has on Indians across the world, but a display of popularity.

Remember the full-house reception on Sunday at New York's Madison Square Garden where he addressed a constantly cheering crowd of 18,000 Indian Americans.

Modi in USA

San Jose California's SAP Center is another case in point. With 1,200 volunteers and 45,000 strong audience, the gathering was massive. Needless to say, one could feel the vibe that oozed out Modi's power as a leader and an orator.

The Forbes fete

Rubbing shoulders with the who's who of world politics is not enough to be at the 9th position. That is proved! Narendra Modi has essentially been chosen for his growth-driven vision. The magazine hence named him as the "populist" Prime Minister who presided over 7.4 per cent GDP growth in his first year of PMship, but raised his and the country's profile during global visits with Barack Obama and Xi Jinping.

It further added,"A barnstorming tour of Silicon Valley reinforced his nation's massive importance in tech. But governing 1.2 billion people requires more than shaking hands: Now Modi must pass his party's reform agenda and keep fractious opposition under control."

Modi in USA

Outlining the measuring criteria, the magazine said that candidates were chosen on four dimensions, which are:

  • Whether the candidate has power over lots of people
  • Financial resources controlled by each person
  • Whether the candidate is powerful in multiple spheres and whether the candidates actively used their power

When do the mass accept a leader

The acceptance came when Narendra Modi showed no qualms about his background as a chaiwala or tea vendor. He connected to the public immediately. While the backward and the lower classes trusted him with their development, the middle class knew, he would understabnd their hardships.

Plus the fact that he is a disciplinarian and a firm believer in India's heritage and culture. He may not be an academician, but India needs more than theory. In a country of 1.25 crores, with 60% agricultural farmers and daily wagers, Modi knows where to strike the chord.

Modi in US

The pension scheme, the gold scheme and the defence schemes, all targeted the lower and the middle class who try to seek ways of making money with the little they have. For the investors and entrepreneurs, Modi has a potential to double their profit keeping their sentiments for India in mind.

Modi touches the very chords they survive with foreign land. The sense of Indianness is persistent, even though they are citizens of a different country. Their sentiments for their origin are intact and they can go to any extent to prove that.

Apart from that Modi has a reputation of making money out of nothing. Gujarat is an example.

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