From jointer to rejoinder: Joining families, Maggi's transforming ads since 1980s

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"Mummy badi gazab ki bhook lagi, Maggi chahiye mujhe abhi"

Many of us still remember the melody in the background of a blurry motion picture where children bang their tables and demand their most favorite snack-Maggi.

We may still remember the melody and the hunger associated with it.


Truely, Maggi's ads were incredible! Mostly, because there was a message of love and togetherness in all its ads across time. However, the change in the approach of cherishing relationships could well be seen through time.

Friends forever in the 80s

It was playtime when it was Maggi time. The child artists were never seen in singles but in a group, fulfilling an urgency to experience the fun that lies in having Maggi.

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Barring the marketing strategy where more consumption means more sale, one can still enjoy the moments spent on a Maggi table with friends.

Sibling rivalry is something very commonplace, but bonding over a bowl of Maggi is what we have learnt with the ad.

Goodness of sharing in the 90s

Let us pan the camera in the 90s when advertising felt the urgency to inculcate the art of giving among the readers.

With a more complex life to deal with and loads of complications, advertisements focussed on sharing.

Share it with friends or families, Maggi ads here always celebrated the goodness of giving.

If you are mad on your friends, family or friends over something, a hot bowl of Maggi made by mum could change your mood.

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Values in ads from 2000 and more

Big B Amitabh Bachchan showed up here and started sharing his Maggi moments. Not that alone, he also encouraged to share your's with a chance to be famous with the story.

Maggi made in candle light in secrecy in your hostel room, Maggi for a stranger stranded on the road, Maggi for a candle light dinner-all these moments were captured well by the company, unconsciously tempting us with its family saga.

If not for the sake of enjoying a Maggi meal, people took to buying these yellow packets with the hope of seeing themselves on it.

Star Madhuri Dikshit came up with the brand new idea for the health conscious Indian (as Maggi permeates through all age groups). She exercises and plays football, encouraging healthy eating....together. Hence, Maggi ATTA noodles.

Then comes the most recent ads released in the age of women empowerment and motherhood. Sharing the stories of mothers and daughters, Maggi was cautious to bring women to the fore with its ads.

While a teenager wishes to move out to stand on her own, there are others showing daughters missing the Maggi their mums made when she was home.

Be it Mother's Day or any other day, Maggi has been a part and parcel of our lives since childhood. In such a scenario, it would not be wrong to question the decision of the food associations dealing with the quality of Maggi now and how it should be banned; but of course, the taste changes and so does the quality.

We have to make do with these sentiment for the time being.

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