Kamal’s Vishwaroopam made Riyaz Bhatkal happy: The IM split explained

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Vishwaroopam, the Kamal Hassan starrer was an instant draw with operatives of the Indian Mujahideen. They felt that this movie had made a very important announcement about the arrival of the Al-Qaeda in India.

The Al-Qaeda did arrive in India in the form of the Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent in the month of October 2014. The effectiveness however is highly doubted.


Interestingly much before the Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent was announced by Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Riyaz Bhatkal was discussing on chat message with operative in India about how he had watched the movie and felt happy that the arrival of the Al-Qaeda in India was shown.

This is an important point since there is considerable amount of confusion about which way has the IM swung after having been almost neutralized in India. The fact is that the IM is a divided house today with two factions working for the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda respectively.

What Vishwaroopam said will come true:

On March 26th 2013 Riyaz Bhatkal one of the founders of the IM is having an animated chat with another operative called Daniyal. Chatting from Pakistan, Riyaz tells Daniyal that he had watched Vishwaroopam the previous day. In the beginning and the end of the movie, they discuss the arrival of the Al-Qaeda in India. This is going to be true, Riyaz tells Daniyal.

There is a lot that one needs to read into this as this was the time that the IM was having problems galore with the ISI, Pakistan. There were members who were clearly unhappy that the ISI was not allowing them to chase the real cause of Jihad. Riyaz constantly speaks about his visits to Afghanistan and how he was in talks with members of the Al-Qaeda.

He however draws a difference and says that those Al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan are much better than the ones in Pakistan. We must send one IM operative from India regularly on a rotation basis to Afghanistan so that they can train over there, Riyaz further states.

Intensifying the war against India:

Riyaz in several such conversations also takes to heart that the NATO forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan region are battling against the Al-Qaeda. He tells his Indian operatives that this fight should be made personal by us. All of us should get motivated by this and go join the Al-qaeda and help them against the NATO, he says.

Riyaz felt that they need to break free from the ISI at any cost and join hands with the Al-Qaeda. He shares his pains in one chat with Yasin Bhatkal before the latter was arrested. Referring to the ISI as cheats he says that he was treated very badly by the ISI for trying to establish contact with the Al-Qaeda. I was warned by the ISI to establish contact with the Al-Qaeda he says.

Riyaz however went ahead with his Al-Qaeda mission. He left for the tribal belts in Afghanistan where the Al-Qaeda was fighting. He told the members of the Al-Qaeda that he would send IM operatives to them. The meeting was fruitful and we have been given tasks to undertake, Riyaz writes to Yasin.

The Tehrik-e-Taliban are a bunch of fools:

A chat transcript of May 11th 2013 between Riyaz and several other IM operatives based in India speaks about the Tehrik-e-Taliban. He says, " this morning there were five blasts carried out by the TTP. These people are pure, but are foolish," Riyaz writes. I do not want to join with the TTP. I will join the Al-Qaeda instead, he also says.

When Riyaz was asked about the Afghanistan Taliban, he says, " there are two types of Taliban, one was of Afghanistan and the other of Pakistan. All in Pakistan were supporting the Taliban of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was also supporting the Taliban - Afghanistan.

But the Taliban of Afghanistan talked only about Afghanistan, and not about other places. The Taliban of Afghanistan clearly held that they would not let their land to be used against others. Afghanistani Taliban were close to the ISI, since the ISI had helped them. There were two groups of the Taliban both pro and anti ISI.

The TTP on the other hand is a motivated group. They are against the ISI and its agenda. The TTP persons were Pathans, who are very pure but are less brainy and foolish. Hence it is better to join the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan where the Arabs are fighting, Riyaz also writes.

The ISIS split:

While Riyaz was hell bent that the IM should join the Al-Qaeda, he had found opposition from Sultan Armar also a resident of Bhatkal. Armar was of the view that the Al-Qaeda would eventually lean towards the ISI and hence the ISIS was a better bet.

The declaring of the Islamic Caliphate by the ISIS had become a major draw and had impressed Armar as well. He felt that the purest form of Jihad was being practiced by the ISIS. This led to a major fight between Riyaz and Armar and the Indian Mujahideen split up.

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