Jaya's bail rejected: Why blind faith on 'political Mai-Baap' a dangerous precedent in democracy

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It must be a big disappointment for Amma's supporters as AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa's bail was rejected. The whole week since Amma was convicted in 18-year-old Rs 66.65 crore disproportionate assets case on September 27 has been like a big nightmare for thousands of Amma's supporters.

According to report, around sixteen people had died in Tamil Nadu after the verdict in DA case, which somewhere jeopardized Jayalalithaa's political career. Though, she handed over rein to her loyalist O Panneerselvam, who will work like 'Bharata' after Ram went to 14 years of exile.

But big question is this blind faith on 'political Mai-Baap' where people takes law and order in their hand is at all justified. Recently, supporters of RLD chief Ajit Singh clashed with police on the matter of turning Singh's official residence into memorial. Earlier in 2013, when CBI court had sentences Om Prakash Chautala and his son in teachers scam, violent protest happened.

Jayalalithaa supporters took whole State to ransom

Her supporters went berserk after she was convicted and sent to jail. When she was lodged in the Parapana Agrahara central jail in Bangalore, her supporters took whole State to ransom. From tonsuring heads to eating rice from the floor, her supporters have this unique way of professing love to AIADMK chief.

Weary supporters left no stone unturned to appease the god to secure bail for their ideologue. According to The Hindu, more than five hundred party cadres shaved their head so that god will laugh on Jayalalithaa. Whole week was like a big nightmare, full of rages and suicides for her loyalists.

Point is one should follow the ideology of particular politicians but this way of professing love is definitely a bad omen for the democracy. One should stick to truth and if Jayalalithaa was convicted under the law, why someone is making issue out of it. One has right to oppose things, but that is also within the periphery of law itself.

Ajit Singh's supporters hellbent to turn official residence into memorial

Recently, RLD chief Ajit Singh's supporters hit the road and clashed with police. They were hellbent that Singh's residence 12, Tughlak Road house must be turned into a memorial in the remembrance of his late father Chaudhary Charan Singh.

One can gauge the audacity of the supporters who even threatened to cut off water supply to the national capital if their demand will not met. In this wrestling between police and RLD supporters more than 30 people were injured after former had to fired rubber bullets and lobbed tear gas shells.

Politically RLD got support from congress leaders and most prominently Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. But BJP leader hit them hard citing the Supreme Court directives.

Urban development minister M Venkaiah Naidu had said, "Regarding declaration of the said bungalow as Charan Singh Memorial, I am afraid you are unaware of the policy in the matter. The Union Cabinet in 2000 had banned such conversions ... Further, the Supreme Court in its judgment dated 5th July, 2013 had suggested not to allow any general pool residential accommodation to be converted into memorials".

Though, earlier it was happened as UPA Government allowed the No 6, Krishna Menon Marg to be converted into a memorial and remain in the name of then Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar's family for next 25 years. But when the court had put the foot down on matter, why this hullabaloo?

When Om Prakash Chautala, son punished, protestors came to street
In 2013, when the CBI court had sentenced INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala and his son Ajau Chautala 10 years in teachers scam, similar protests happened.

At that time First post wrote, "There have been baton charges, tear gas shells fired and all other methods used but hundreds continue to block the road leading to the Rohini court complex which is to sentence Chautala, his son Ajay and over 50 others in the JBT scam".

It was alleged that Chautala Government had resorted to corrupt practices while recruiting 3208 Junior Basic Trained (JBT) teachers in 2000. Since then, many a times, Chautala and their kin have defended their act saying that it was done in the interest of unemployed people of the State. Imagine what the frail, and rubbish reason.

But why this rhetoric, that is well understood just to get dividends out of these unemployed youth. 

Point is don't show support to political mai-baap even they are on the wrong side. Profess love but being sane citizens of India, don't support your ideals blindly.

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