ISIS looks for non-Muslims from India now

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There seems to be a disturbing trend that is being noticed where the ISIS is concerned. There have been some cases of Indians going abroad and converting their religion before attempting to join the ISIS.

The case of Neil Prakash is one such example. He is said to be a key recruiter for the ISIS in Australia. Out of the ten youth who were deported to Kerala from the UAE, two were Hindus.


However in the Kerala case, the two Hindus were also deported because they were keeping in touch with some persons who were part of the ISIS.

In the backdrop of this, the daughter of a retired army official is being counselled by the Intelligence Bureau officials after she returned from Australia and indicated that she was attracted to the cause of the ISIS.

A disturbing trend

The numbers of people converting their religion to join the ISIS is a disturbing trend. Although the numbers are small, the Indian agencies are taking notice of this trend. Such cases of conversions taking place to join the ISIS are not reported from India.

The problem is with some persons who have gone abroad and becoming attracted towards the ISIS ideology, the officer also notes.

Such cases are being reported in Australia and the UAE, the officer stated. The case of Neil Prakash is one such classic example. Originally a Buddhist, he today is a key recruiter for the ISIS.

He had recently posted a video calling up Australians to undertake lone wolf attacks.

Indian agencies say that although there are such cases reported, there is no cause for panic. We are keeping a close watch and there shall be steps taken to ensure that there is no such occurrence in future.

What these few cases show us that is that the ISIS is roping in non-Muslims as well into their fold, the officer also informed.

The other side of the problem

The Home Ministry was spot on when it said in its affidavit that it cannot allow Indians to go abroad and fight against the ISIS.

This was another kind of issue and several 1000 persons has signed up in India stating that they wanted to go to Iraq and Syria and fight against the ISIS.

The Home Ministry made two key points in an affidavit that it filed before the Delhi High Court.

First it said that sending Indians to fight against the ISIS would lead to sectarian violence in India. Secondly there is a good chance that when some of these persons return they could be radicalized and cause problems in India.

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