India 2029: Travelling by a bullet train and remembering railway budget 2014

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Bullet trains
New Delhi, July 9: It is past 8 years since the Railway budget 2014 came up with the idea of Bullet Trains between states. The view outside the bullet train between Kolkata and Delhi is blurred; of course the speed is exhilerating. Never imagined that the then railway minister would keep his promise and his successors will continue to follow his footsteps.

Food, fun and shopping: I will reach Delhi in a matter of 8-9 hours. And the journey is as comfortable as the trains in Beijing and Tokyo. True that the minister had envisioned something which was already there in a different part of the world, but implementing it in an unorganized chaos of 1 billion population, the vision felt like a dream, nothing else.

Who would have imagined that Howrah station would have a hypercity mall, chic souvenir shops and food courts to die for. Of course, the service staff would be adept in supplying you food from time to time. There would be uniformed hawkers selling Bengal craft to be taken to a different state as souvenirs and all at a price lesser than a flight ticket. No wonder, there are lesser flying jets seen in the sky.

Punctuality: Had dozed off a bit and woke up to find that it was already 12 in the afternoon. My friends may have already reached the Delhi bullet station and must be sipping the best Pinacolada at the SunCity mall at the bullet station. Couldn't imagine how much we would have after I reach, I have the entire evening left.

WiFi: An unwelcome call from the boss wants me to submit an important project immediately. Damn the concerned project manager! Thanks God, the train is WiFi enabled. Gowda did mention that the train would have wifi points and work stations for the corporate officials.

Security: Once done, I can take yet another power nap to drive me through the rest of the day. But, the man sitting beside me is giving me uncomfortable looks since morning. Disgusting! India may have changed but the people haven't. I call the new helpline number for women security on the train and they arrive within no time. They come and try to counsel the man but he is adamant. He is removed from the seat and taken to some-place-else.

There goes my nap! and lo am at Delhi and my friends waiting out there. Lot of transformation here too. A luggage van is waiting for the tonnes of bags that I have been carrying and there is an prerequisite automated car waiting for the almost-immobile aunty beside me.

Hail! Sadananda Gowda

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