In the Battle Between Modi vs Rest, Here are the Real Losers....

By: Pathikrit
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Narendra Modi
While the nation was celebrating the astounding performance of Narendra Modi led NDA which swept the polls and ushered in a new era, one was forced to wonder especially about the whereabouts of Mani Shankar Aiyar who was rather conspicuous by his absence throughout the day.

The reason for remembering the name of Mani Shankar Aiyar was because of the denigrating manner in which Aiyar had taunted the past of Narendra Modi as a tea seller and had ridiculed Modi in the past by stating that while Modi would never be able to become the Prime Minister of India, he is always welcome to come and sell tea at the Congress office.

Sadly for the likes of Mani Shankar Aiyars, Narendra Modi is slated to be the next Prime Minister of India riding on the wave of a decisive and an unprecedented mandate that no non -Congress entity had ever got in the history of independent India. But even as Narendra Modi is going to be the next Prime Minister of India, it is the Congress office (where Aiyar had asked Modi to come and sell tea) whose future remains uncertain given the historic defeat or rather decimation that Congress faced in this election.

The Real Losers in this Election-Dynastic Politics

While there is no doubt as to who won the election, the key question that needs a definite answer is who all lost the election. In the first place, the loss is decisive for dynastic politics and inept governance that defined the UPA rule for the last one decade.

The manner in which governance was compromised especially in the last five years and the manner in which sycophancy and welfare of one dynasty got precedence over national governance and national interest, made the common Indian so horribly disgusted that this time they not only merely voted out Congress but voted against Congress with steely determination to make sure that it would take quite some time for Congress to even adjust to the bitter drubbing it got in this election, leave alone planning a resurrection.

The days of self proclaimed blue blooded dynasties considering it their divine right to be the master of India is over. Days of scions of such dynasties presuming that a mere waving of hands for a few days before election dates would be enough to make the mass feel gratified and would be good enough to make them forget their daily woes and agony of misgovernance, are over.

Sycophancy Lost-Organisational Skills Won

Not just dynasty but also with it what sunk in this election is sycophancy. Meanwhile what won this election for BJP is its organisational strength at the grassroots level. BJP's stupendous performance in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Himachal vindicated that organisational skills can change the dynamics of election if steered in the right manner with discipline and dynamic leadership.

BJP has always been known for its organisational strength and its dedicated cadre base. This time their disciplined approach and methodical door to door campaigning paid off healthily for BJP. In contrast Congress as a party has never been known for organisation strength. Rise in that party is essentially based on proximity to the ‘Dynasty' than grassroots level dedicated work. In this election, most of those who always flaunted their proximity to the ‘Dynasty' and openly always advocated their faithfulness to the Family before anything else, lost.

Bogey of Bogus Pseudo-Secularism Lost

Further, another big loser of this election is the bogus bogey of Secularism. Secularism, the manner in which it had been practised by Congress and several other so called Secular ( rather pseudo-Secular) parties, by demonising the majority community and by making the minority community feel insecure, has been rejected by people at large.

This victory of NDA and Narendra Modi is a vote for development which cuts across religious and caste lines. In a secular country, religion is essentially a personal thing and every community is an equal stakeholder.

The manner in which Congress and many of its allies demonised Narendra Modi and BJP for the last several years, has backfired in a devastating manner for Congress and if it wants to resurrect itself in future, it would have to learn some bitter lessons and realise that selective spreading of misinformation and vilification of someone who got a clean chit even from Supreme Court, does not pay.

The more Congress attempted to demonise Modi, the more Modi became popular and the more sinister designs of the Congress got exposed. While detailed analysis of voting pattern is yet to come out, it is for sure that this kind of victory for NDA and Modi would not have been possible without a certain portion of Muslims and Christians voting for BJP.

Caste Based Politics Lost as well

Further, this election is also perhaps a new beginning for a caste free India. Even though that dream might still be far away but at least the beginning has been good. This victory of BJP, especially in the Hindi heartland of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh would not have been possible without people cutting across caste lines voting for BJP.

For long, political parties like BSP and Samajwadi Party as well as RJD have played the worst kind of caste based politics where development as a poll plank was never considered to be a winning formula. The poison of identity politics created such a vitiated atmosphere that people got habituated to voting on caste lines irrespective of performance or non-performance of candidates.

The routing that BSP, Samajwadi Party, RJD and even JDU got this time, is a reflection of the possibility of uniting people beyond caste lines with development and welfare being the primary and core agenda. Parties like Samajwadi Party, RJD, and BSP thrived by pitting one caste against other and their decimation in this election is a step in the right direction.

The Defeat of Arrogance- Nitish Kumar Knows it the Best

This election also handsomely gifted defeat to arrogance of the likes of Nitish Kumar and cut his party down to the right size. With a mere 2 seats that his party won, and the level of disenchantment that has been brewing within JD(U), the possibility of a split in JDU is a real possibility. Ending ties with BJP did not cost BJP much but Nitish Kumar's Rip Van Winkle type Prime Ministerial ambition might cost him Bihar as well. Nitish would now realise that his handsome victories in two successive assembly elections was not his own victory but that of a joint effort of BJP and JDU. Without BJP, JDU was no more the sprinter but a limping entity which was bound to fare poorly.

Self Proclaimed Intellectuals Lost too

This election gave a real drubbing to several armchair television commentators and writers who had made a profession out of vilifying Modi over the last one decade. Many of them found it very hard to accept the third time victory of BJP in Gujarat in 2012 followed by incredible performance by BJP in the 2013 round of assembly elections in which BJP had astounding victories in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and emerged as the single largest party in Delhi.

Yet their vilification and demonising of Modi continued. Even while Modi got a clean chit of from Supreme Court on the Godhra riots issue, and spoke only about development for all as his mantra, the armchair critic brigade continued with their castigation, aspersion and mindless condemnation of Modi.

The emphatic victory of Modi and the vote of approval he received from people at large, was a perfect slap in the face of those self proclaimed intellectuals who presumed that through their control and hold of media, they would play the role of Pied Piper and sway the people of India in the direction which they deem fit. Eventually, people of India by voting for Modi gave a stern message that they refuse to be swayed by those who pontificate while sitting in air-conditioned offices and draw a distorted picture of India.

Kejriwal's Tryst with Loss- Theatrics have Limits

The election result was also a drubbing for those who created a larger than life image for the likes of Kejriwal and many in the television media was also pitching him to be a Prime Ministerial candidate. AAP's decimation in Delhi vindicated the disgust that people have developed for the whimsical attitude and the theatrics of Arvind Kejriwal which always got more media glare than it ever deserved.

AAP's decimation in Delhi and Kejriwal's drubbing in Varanasi is a vindication of the fact that winning elections and winning them successively is not a television soap opera but a result of organisational work and keeping of promise. Kejriwal might realise it now but he would find it difficult to make a comeback in Delhi.

There was also an attempt during the fag end of the election to hype up and extol the campaign by Priyanka Gandhi and rake it up as a counter to Modi and how it was going to change to fate of the election.

Eventually, the decimation of Congress across India and their winning of merely two seats in Uttar Pradesh vis-a-vis BJP's tally of 71 in Uttar Pradesh proved that however much news traders and armchair commentators may try to hype up things, the voters will not get swayed by these tactics anymore.

Given the momentum right now, in the ensuing assembly elections in Maharashtra as well as possibly election in Delhi in the near future, BJP led NDA might sweep both based on the momentum. Congress and the rest would do well to go back to drawing rooms and realise their follies in this election.

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