DK Ravi's death: Why is media fuelling public outrage when the matter is not settled?

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In a remarkable twist, it was reported that the death of senior IAS officer DK Ravi could be related to personal issues. Police sources said the deceased officer was having marital problems and thethe last call that he had received was from a batchmate, who also happens to be an IAS officer. [IAS officer DK Ravi's death: Post-mortem report confirms suicide]

We have no clue what has happened and the media is already arriving at conclusions

So if at all this case is still a mystery, why is the mainstream electronic media was fuelling the public anger against the system whole day yesterday? Is it a responsible thing to do in a country where the slightest of provocation can lead to an adverse impact?

DK Ravi: Why is media fuelling anger?

Deaths of bureaucrats and police officers are generally associated with vindictive power centres, but can we always generalise?

The instances of death of bureaucrats are generally associated with the vindictive power centres and the nexus between the influential quarters and the media, at once, jump the guns to target those sections. But what if there is a different angle to the story? If indeed the IAS officer died because of some personal reasons, then what is the point in fuelling public outrage against the corrupt netas and businessmen?

Let's not make DK Ravi's death a medium to set  apolitical agenda

Let's not make the tragic death of a young bureaucrat a medium to create unnecessary noise and treat things as they get revealed. It is unfortunate to see the noisy media channels dictating the agenda and forcing the common people to take the route they want them to take.

Can the media make a normal reporting and not run easy judgement?

If Ravi's death is taken as an opportunity to rattle the Congress's last major bastion in India, i.e., Karnataka, without understanding what had actually made his life short, then it is a shame for our democracy. The social media has gone abuzz with views that Ravi's post-mortem should be done again so that no influence is exerted to hide the guilty. Is this suspicion the result of too much of cynicism?

If indeed Ravi died because of his fight with the evil quarters, then there is every reason to take the matter to the streets and courts, but if it is not, then let us please bury the matter here itself and get on with life.

Can our media-driven democracy spare a thought for this?

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