Got a Low Budget, Holiday Packages Only for You! GOIBIBO

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The best of best Christmas and New-Year holidays are calling for you to get inside unforgettable adventure! Now go through the below-mentioned 10-holiday packages with online travel company MakeMyTrip and 'know how' you can create your own holiday package to swindle the inactive memory bundle on the go.

Got a Low Budget, Holiday Packages Only for You! GOIBIBO

10 Must Visit Places & 10 Sneaky Money-Saving Hacks!

#10. Love Udaipur? Now explore it within Rs 10,000.
#9. Love valleys and glacial lakes? Gangtok is waiting for you, explore the place in under Rs 10,000.
#8. Srinagar, a place near to paradise can be explorable in under Rs. 9,000.
#7. Discover the capital and largest city of Bhutan, Thimphu in under Rs 14,000.
#6. Do you love neat beaches with the amazing tropical weather? Now ignite the exploration at Colombo in Under Rs. 25,000.
#5. Love adventure? Pokhara, Nepal can be discoverable under Rs. 19,000. Check it out.
#4. Explore Alleppey and its green backwaters in under Rs. 8,000
#3. It has everything! Now explore Manali in under Rs. 10,000.
#2. It's easy on the pocket but heavy on eyes! It is your chance to discover Bangkok in under Rs. 25,000.
#1. With MakeMyTrip options, discover Dubai in under Rs. 25,000.
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