Election Results: 5 reasons why BJP lost and AAP won in Delhi

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New Delhi, Feb 10: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) raced towards a landslide victory in Delhi capital on Tuesday, Feb 10. At 12:00 pm, the party was leading in 64 seats.

Election officials counting the millions of votes polled Saturday, Feb 7 said the AAP was set to win more than 50 of the 70 seats in the Delhi assembly, with a staggering vote share of at least 52 percent. [Delhi Election 2015: Complete Coverage]

Delhi election results

While the entire the national capital was swept by the AAP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi too congratulated Arvind Kejriwal.

However, one question is yet to be answered -- is it a victory of AAP or a blunder by the BJP that actually helped Kejriwal and party to win Delhi election? [Delhi Election Results: Complete Coverage]

Ever since BJP started campaigning in Delhi for assembly election 2015, the party made several blunders which indeed helped AAP to win Delhi.

Here are five reasons why BJP tasted the dust in Delhi assembly election 2015:

Taking late decision on fresh election in Delhi:

Following a plea by the AAP, the Supreme Court in Aug 2014 asked BJP-led NDA government at the centre to take decision on forming government or conduct election in Delhi.

The BJP, which won all 7 Lok Sabha seats in May 2014, delayed the decision on dissolution of Delhi assembly and announcement of fresh election. [Speculation rife on Centre's position on Delhi government formation]

If the BJP had announced fresh election just after Lok Sabha election, the party would have enjoyed a major victory in the national capital.

Delhiites had lost all faith in Kejriwal who had resigned as CM within 49 days and people was hit by the Modi wave. However, BJP failed to understand the importance of that crucial time and delayed the decision by six months.

Projecting Kiran Bedi as CM candidate:

BJP's decision of projecting Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate had worked as a boomerang for the party. Many local leaders and workers were not happy with the decision. Many protested outside BJP office in Delhi expressing their disappointment with Bedi.

There were reports that BJP President Amit Shah, who initially was confident of wining the election projecting Bedi as CM candidate, was worried about party's fortune later.

Shah was reportedly worried as the former IPS officer failed to bring crowd during her rallies. Many critics also believe that bringing Bedi into the scenario was the biggest blunder by BJP.

Many also believe that instead of Bedi, BJP should have brought Dr Harsh Vardhan and led the election campaign under his leadership.

Kiran Bedi's decision of not participating in open debate with Kejriwal:

Kiran Bedi rejected Kejriwal's invitation to join in an open debate ahead of the assembly election. The AAP leader wanted for a debate which will help the voters to get their facts right.

However, Bedi shocked all as she refused to entertain the invitation saying that she would participate in debate only on the floor of the House. [Kejriwal takes a dig at Kiran Bedi for dodging his debate challenge]

If Bedi had participated in the debate, Delhiites could have got the chance to compare her with Kejriwal. She might have got a chance to win hearts of many by countering Kejriwal during the debate.

BJP's campaigning in which party hurled personal allegations against Kejriwal:

Instead of positive campaigning, BJP chose negative words and hurled several personal allegations against Kejriwal. Making fun at Kejriwal's 49-day as Delhi CM, BJP criticised his caste (gotra) and brought his children into the picture.

This negative campaigning did not help but brought BJP into a negative light. Instead of pressurising Kejriwal and AAP, the party cornered itself with such campaigning.

Controversial remarks by BJP ministers and leaders:

Shocking statements by BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj and Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti once again put BJP into negative light.

BJP, which does not get minority votes, once again fail to enjoy their support. Despite Modi's warning to its leaders and ministers, leaders like Jyoti and Maharaj continue to give such statements and BJP could not come out of the Hindutva forces. These made it progressively worse for BJP.

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