Burdwan blasts: What NIA's dossier to Bangladesh contains?

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The National Investigating Agency handed over a dossier regarding the Burdwan blasts case to Bangladesh. The dossier accessed by Oneindia suggests that the command centre of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh which was behind the incident is still present in Bangladesh and unless both nations cooperate there is no question of putting an end to the problem.

The dossier says that the cooperation between the investigating agencies of the two countries is extremely important since the problem is emerging out of Bangladesh and unless the command centre is busted this problem could go on. The NIA further states that it has ascertained that the plan was to target the establishment in Bangladesh alone.


It however does not make any mention about any plan to assassinate the Bangladesh Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina. While quoting the statements of the several accused persons in the case, it just says that there were modules being built up to target Bangladesh.

The Fidayeens

Further, the NIA points out that the womens' force was a major part of the plan. There were exclusive women unites that were set up in West Bengal and Assam which were aimed at training women fidayeen fighters. There are at least three women, part of the module who have confirmed this fact to the NIA.

The dossier mentions that while there were several men who had set up bomb factories especially in West Bengal, the women on their part did their bit too. The women's module had become extremely crucial as they appeared to be more determined than the men is what the NIA learnt during the investigation.

Cooperation sought

The NIA has said that the agencies of both nations need to cooperate since it is a matter of international ramification. It has pointed out clearly that camps in Chittagong are breeding members of the JMB and in turn are being sent to India.

Further it has also been pointed out that due to large infiltrations, these operatives have managed to slip in and set up base. If the problem is not checked, it could only get worse and would affect the security of both the nations.

Track the masterminds

The NIA also states that the masterminds of the attack and modules are still holed up in Bangladesh. They have been moving in and out of India at will.

Several accused numbering at least 20 of them are on the run and it is suspected that they have taken shelter in Bangladesh.

There are a couple of them in India as well and the NIA says that along with the help of the respective state police units they are tracking down these members.

Information on funding

The NIA has said that all the funding for the modules in Burdwan have been channelized through Bangladesh. There is an investigation into some scams which is on and India is checking if the same money had been used to fund these modules.

However, the NIA points out that money may have moved between the two countries several times. There are specific instances of money being pumped by the JMB from Bangladesh and being parked in the accounts of several operatives such as Shahnur Alom from Assam.

The money was in turn transferred personally by the women cadres to the modules.

Status report

The NIA says that the biggest arrest so far has been that of Sheikh Rahamatullah alias Sajid.

His interrogation details shared with Bangladesh suggest that he had played a key role in setting up the modules in West Bengal and Assam and he also confessed that the entire command centre was in Bangladesh alone.

"The idea was to overthrow the Awami League", he has said.

The NIA also says that it is examining Abdul Hakim and Ziaul Hoque both Indians part of the JMB.


The counterparts in Bangladesh have assured of all possible assistance and said that intercepts and alerts would be shared on a regular basis.

Bangladesh has also pointed a finger at some local politicians who have been regularly in touch with JMB cadres and are acting contrary to the interests of Bangladesh. The NIA says that all such persons are under the scanner of the agencies.

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