Battle for Delhi: Will Kejriwal factor save AAP this time?

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New Delhi, Nov 25: While the Delhi elections is still sometime away, it is still a very interesting election especially after all the drama that the Aam Admi Party created.

Dr Sandeep Shastri a leading psephologist had given his insights on the elections in Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir. In the concluding part of this series, Dr Shastri discusses the battle for Delhi.

Battle for Delhi: Will Kejriwal factor save AAP this time?

AAP on the backfoot:

The Aam Admi Party is very clearly on the back foot in Delhi. It clearly understands that the premature resignation in Delhi and their attitude was a bad decision. In fact every one in the party including Arvind Kejriwal concedes that it was a bad decision to resign. They have also realized that they paid the price for their bad decision and attitude in the Lok Sabha elections. However I am not sure that their realization will change any thing for them or reverse their fortunes.

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PM will be at the forefront:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be at the forefront for the BJP during its campaign in Delhi. Like in all other states where the BJP has not announced a CM candidate the case would be the same in Delhi too. They will contest the elections in the name of Modi in Delhi too. The Modi wave has been working wonders for the BJP and it appears that the same would be seen in Delhi as well.

An interesting dimension:

However there is one interesting dimension that one would to get to see in the Delhi elections. Unlike in all other states, in Delhi there is still a Kejriwal factor that would challenge the leadership of the BJP. This in fact would be an interesting challenge and would make the battle very interesting.

The real story:

The real story of the Delhi elections would however be that the Congress will be completely wiped out. It looks like that the Congress supporter would chose the AAP. The AAP on the other hand would also be looking to take over the Congress vote bank. Looking at the performance of the Congress in the recent elections, they have not just lost but been reduced to third position.

The toss up in Delhi will be between the AAP and the BJP. Although the scales are tilted in favour of the BJP, one would still see an interesting battle. The BJP will have to deal with a very strong opposition in the AAP even if they win the polls.

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