LS: 'Delhi' ab door nahin, AAP close to Rs 100Cr party fund target

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New Delhi, Jan 10: 'Delhi ab door nahin' AAP, that's what is echoing across the country when it comes to AAP contesting the Lok Sabha elections. Targeting to contest from 100 seats, the party had set a budget of 100 cr, keeping in mind the party's funds and candidates' campaigning needs. Last time, before the Assembly elections in December, the party stopped collecting funds when it reached the required Rs 20 cr mark.

This time, the party has already pocketed Rs 38 Lakhs (as of January 1). Unsure of how many seats the party can manage to contest from (depending on the money it can collect), it has set a target for 100 cr aspiring to poll from 100 seats. With two months to go for the elections, the fund target may sound unachievable for many, but it is not impossible.

According to party sources, AAP has been receiving an average of Rs 17.5 Lakhs daily since December 13 when it announced contesting the Lok Sabha polls. At that rate, a small calculation shows that in the next 70 days, it may receive 12.25 crores, nothing close to the target set.

But consider this, the party is receiving a flood of applications everyday, each costing Rs 10 (the calculations go likewise) plus the donations coming from all quarters of the country. Presently, it has 10 lakh members and 5 lakh and more people are applying for AAP's membership.

With its presence increasingly being felt across the country, there is every chance that the part may reach its target sometime soon. Even if that is not possible, it may contest from maximum seats, something that might not have happened in the history of politics. Interesting facts

Interesting Facts

One cannot ignore the figures that reflect in various newspapers and media channels. According to reports, the party has already established 322 offices across the country, and has 309 districts under loop. The rising number of members correspond to the rising number of party offices. UP has 60 AAP party offices, MP has 35, Rajasthan 27, Tamil Nadu 25, Kerala 14 and Gujarat 10.

It is a wait and watch situation for AAP and the rest of the country till the party achieves the almost impossible as it has always been doing.

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