26/11 terror attacks: The heart-rendering story of Baby Moshe

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It has been six year since the 26/11 terror attacks rocked the entire country and yet is seems like it was only yesterday that these attacks took place.

Images of the Taj Hotel burning, people running for cover, guns shots being fired at Nariman Point, CST and Oberoi Trident Hotel still play in our minds on mentioning 26/11.

However one heart rendering image that still lingers in our minds is that of little Moshe Holtzberg (famously known as Baby Moshe) whose Jewish parents were killed by the terrorists.

Moshe all grown up

Baby Moshe was just two-year-old when he lost his parents in the terror attacks in Mumbai. He was saved after his Indian nanny held onto him and ran out of the Nariman House building after terrorists attacked the building.

Moshe was one of the lucky survivors of the terror attacks and soon his story became a talking point during the attacks.

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Moshe now lives with his grandparents in Israel and his nanny, Sandra Samuels. He is eight-years old now. The Israeli envoy had earlier this year said that Moshe was doing fine and was growing in a complicated environment. He goes to school, is healthy and happy, the Israeli envoy had said.

Nanny Sandra Samuels- the hero

The nanny- Sandra Samuels emerged as a hero after she rescued Moshe. She now lives with Moshe in Israel. Earlier this year she was given an honorary citizenship by the Israeli government for her act of bravery. She was also granted permanent residency in the country.

After the attacks, even though Samuels didn't have a passport, she was given a special visa so that she could travel to Israel with Moshe to look after him. In many interviews she had said that she would stay with Moshe for as long as he wanted her and wished that he grows to be a strong boy.

What unfolded on that evening

Samuels said that that particular evening when terrorists attacked Nariman House, she was not supposed to be there. She recollects how the terrosists had attacked Chabad House and killed his parents, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka.

She grabbed Moshe when she heard him screaming and ran out of the building. It was later confirmed by the NSG Commandos that Moshe's parents were dead in the attack.

Emotions run high for Moshe' grandparents

Moshe's grandparents very emotional yet happy when the Nariman House reopened this year in August after the attack.

The building was reopened but the walls bore the marks of the bullets that were fired, a reminder of the gruesome evening. The building will be transformed into a museum which will be a memorial to all 26/11 victims.

They have been taking care of Moshe since the attacks took place.


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