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Congress' Downfall Continues - Rahul 2.0 a Debacle

By Lisa
Google Oneindia News

The results of Assembly Election 2016 clearly indicate that Congress has not been able to arrest its downfall since May 2014 Lok Sabha Election. Congress lost its government in Assam and Kerala.

The party may take solace by tweeting that its vote share has gone up while BJP's vote share has gone down but what matters is that Assam will have a BJP government now and Kerala will have Left party government.

rahul gandhi

Rahul 2.0:

The party's Vice President Rahul Gandhi two months long vacation during February and April 2015 did not do any good to the party or Gandhi scion himself. After the vacation Rahul began attacking Modi Government left right and centre with jibes like 'Soot-Boot Ki Sarkar'. However, the jibes did not do any damage to the PM's or his government's image.

Rahul 2.0 was promoted big time by the mainstream media but if one goes by success of Congress in the elections it can be said that Rahul 2.0 has not helped Congress at all but has sure helped BJP.

Though Rahul is not officially the party president he is the one who takes all the major decisions. However, he is known to be elusive when it comes to meeting party workers. Many it is said had recommended that he should make Himanta Biswa Sarma as the CM before Assam Elections but he continued with Tarun Gogoi.

Rest as they say is history. Sarma quit Congress and propelled BJP to a win in Assam in the assembly election. Himanta Biswa Sarma while describing how his relationship was with Rahul Gandhi during his time with Congress had said in an interview that Rahul Gandhi only wants a Master-Servant relationship.

Rebels who broke away from Arunachal Pradesh Congress also say that Rahul never met them and tried to solve their issues. Rebels who broke away from Uttarakhand Congress also had the same problem with Rahul. The rebels from Uttarakhand Congress are now BJP members.

Allying with Left in West Bengal and fighting Left in Kerala:

Rahul 2.0 in his unique style of handling party and taking strategic decisions decided before assembly election 2016 that his party would ally with the Left and contest election against Trinamool Congress.

Same Congress party was to bitterly contest Kerala Assembly Election with the Left. The result is for all to see. Congress which had a government in Kerala lost it to Left. While Mamata Banerjee won West Bengal election in breaking many a records.

How much Congress has lost:

Since the election results were out for May 2014 Lok Sabha Congress has lost six states. Only states that have Congress government are: Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya, Manipur and Mizoram. Congress is also in alliance with JDU and RJD in Bihar.

Rahul is joked about:

Such is the scenario now that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after winning the assembly election told in an interview that Rahul Gandhi is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biggest USP.

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