Why Assam is BJP's best bet in the elections

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The BJP feels that in all the states it is contesting the elections, it has the most realistic chance in Assam. The BJP is not just confident of making gains in Assam, but even putting in place a government.

The BJP's national spokesperson, G V L Narasimha Rao says that the party has been robbed off a chance to form a government in Assam in the past, but this time around they are confident of winning the state hands down.

assam assembly elections 2016

Rao spoke with OneIndia about the party's performance in Assam which went to polls yesterday.

Gains in Assam:

"The BJP is at a major advantage in Assam. The people of Assam are fed up with the Congress and their Chief Minister in particular. In fact the BJP is not viewing the Congress as a threat in Assam. The people are looking for a change and they see hope in the BJP.

This time everything has gone right for us. There is nothing in fact that is not working for the BJP. We have an alliance with the AGP and the BPF which has given us an advantage. " Rao adds.

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The BJP's spokesperson goes on to add that the party will make major gains in almost all parts of the state.

However, we are not expecting much in those regions where the settlement of illegal immigrants are high. Barring these areas, we are confident of doing well and will also form the government.

The vibes that we have got from the state has been extremely positive in nature. Moreover our alliances are also right this time around which has only added to our chances of not only bettering our performance, but even over-throwing the Congress in Assam, Rao further added.

Kerala and West Bengal:

On the prospects of the party in Kerala and West Bengal, G V L N Rao says that things are looking good. In West Bengal, we are confident of increasing our vote share. We are in fact looking to increase our vote share by three times, he also says.

In Kerala, the BJP is looking to make a major difference. All through the campaign we have been getting a very good vibe. We will be a player for sure.

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The workers on the ground have done an immensely commendable job and the dividends will surely pay, Rao says.

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