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Where Reel blends with the Real!

By Pragathi K
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Were we waiting for a Rang De Basanti to awaken our national conscience? It seems so, as our myopic society sprang into instantRang De Basanti attention after this. The mass-hysteria that this movie generated got channelized into showcasing the country's power play.

As Bhagat Singh once told, "Bomb hi soye hue logon ko jaga sakta hain". Rang De Basanti portrayed a nation of sleeping idealists, a nation of undetected Bhagat-Singhs-in-waiting. The impact was electric. Particularly, the youth resented the stereo-type.

Jessica Lal murder case was re-opened thanks to the hype of the media. The 'sms jessica' campaign payed off against anyone's wildest dreams. Of the two lakh messages, a significant number belonged to 20-35 age group. Each and every commoner gathered around to show support by the candle-lit march, online petitions. India as ONE came together to fight against what they thought was gross injustice. Years of silent subjugation to corrupt politics finally ended. There was a silent determination, seek for revolution and a spark of youth gathered that day at the India Gate.

Candle-lit marchManu Sharma was awarded a lifer, the country rejoiced! A hope rekindled. The fact that a common man can defeat the system was celebrated. Nation realized the power of public-opinion and the critical role of media. And, it was not a one-day affair.

Next, the country focused on another high-profile murder of Priyadarshini Mattoo. What followed was history! Santhosh Sharma, a son of IPS officer was found guilty and sentenced to death. PubStudents protest against OBClic outrage achieved what a father for 10 long years could not.

India is no longer comfortable in sitting pretty and pointing fingers. The protective cocoon in which the majority have been, has broken with the strange fact that 'it may happen to us'.

The urge to fight has renewed us. The march against Govt's un-holy 27 pc OBC reservation, protest through Narmada Bachao Andolan, and the protest against Manjunath's murder all have been inspired from this heroic film.

As the thin line between reel and real is breached, there is no stopping us. Winning has empowered us! It has slipped into our bloodstream. India at last has emerged!>

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