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This Women's Day let's do something for men!!

Written by: Pavithra Rao

Seven years into the 21st century and women are still fighting for their rights. Women in India and abroad are still suppressed, oppressed and considered inferior to men. Even to this day women are subject to neglect and harassment, be it physical, mental and sexual.

It has been a long struggle but foeticide, rape, exploitation, dowry and lack of education are still rampant. Yet women today have marked their presence in every field. Be it politics, defence, journalism or information technology. From the kitchens to outer space, the feminine touch is omni-present.

Women's battle against inequalities and gender-based violence is not new and each year the battle grows fierce. But even after all this women cannot boast of a complete victory. And the reason for this - the war is basically fought against an opponent who is deaf, blind and in-sensitive.

With time, women have evolved into stronger, independent and confident beings. No longer are women ready to suffer in silence and have developed an urge to fight back. Women have learnt about their strength and capacities and no longer want to live under a man's shadow. Women today want their rights and freedom (of course they are well aware of their responsibilities) that will allow them to lead a dignified life.

But what about men?

From times immemorial, men have ignored women and their contribution to the development of mankind. Even to this day, it is a woman's duty to nurture the future of mankind i.e., of course her son!! Woman and her capacity to give life is still deeply undermined.

Very little is talked about a sister's sacrifice when she gives up her studies and, thereby her career also, because her brother's education has to be taken care of.

And it gets worse when a wife is in question. Wife has to stand-by her husband, look after his home and children, understand him and support him to achieve greater things and she still cannot expect the same support and understanding from him!! Husbands mostly do not oblige.

Nothing has changed. Women do not complain when they have to stand by the men in their life. Sacrifice is not the issue. But what is bad is that men take this sacrifice for granted. Not only men tend to be ungrateful for a woman's sacrifice but also they demand more. For men, sacrifice is a woman's duty and a man's right!! And this is the root-cause of all violence against women.

Unless men understand that women are independent individuals with the capacity to think and differentiate between right and wrong, and yet choose to live as a man's strength by supporting him at all walks of life without coming into limelight, nothing much will change for women. Men have to understand that no woman is obliged to sacrifice or surrender to a man. Yet she agrees to it!!

And to bring about this realization in men is the responsibility of women. Women in every stage of life, as mother, sister, friend and wife should be with the man and help him learn to value the women in his life.

The cart of life runs on two wheels. For smooth running of the cart, both wheels have to move in a synchronized pattern. But the wheels have no obligations to co-ordinate with the other. But this co-ordination is what makes life move on. Think about it!!

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