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The struggle continues...

By Staff
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India has achieved much in the last 60 years. From being a hungry, starving nation to an exporter of food items; from being a nation of the uneducated, unemployed to being one of the largest talent pools and the world's back-office; from a third world country to one of the three super powers of the future; India has earned it all.

Logically, only a nation that has over come its short-comings and cleared all hurdles in its path can taste success. But as always, India is an exception.

If we look back, none of the major concerns India was facing 60 years back has been solved completely. Yet India moves on. How?

'Kindly adjust'..... yes, that's the mantra.

India stands second in terms of population. There are not enough buses for the public to travel but... Kindly adjust... and voila! There is enough place for all.

There aren't enough votes to gain majority. Here is the coalition government. Kindly Adjust...

China claims Arunachal Pradesh is its territory. Arunachalese Kindly adjust.. We have sent a ministers' delegation to discuss trade strategy!!

Kashmir is burning since the last 60 years. Militants take trouble entering India from across the border and kill innocent Indians everyday. But Kindly adjust.. The situation is about to improve. We have introduced a bus now!!

Corruption has engulfed bureaucracy. We are happy bribing the officials but are not ready to set right the system. Here again we have adjusted ourselves to the corrupt system. We don't even bother to exercise our fundamental rights if we can adjust our way through. Adjustment has become a way of life for Indians.

We have always complained about the sorry state of politics in India but not anymore. We have now comfortably adjusted ourselves to the poor functioning of politics.

This is not all. Let's take eve-teasing. This is a crime that is rampant in India but nothing much is done to control it. Reason? Parents themselves ask their daughters to adjust and ignore the crime rather than raise a voice against it.

It's adjust, adjust and just adjust always.

But how long will this last? Why do we always settle for less? Why are we prepared to adjust and not fight? Today we proudly celebrate our 60 years of Independence. But would it have been possible if our forefathers, rather than fighting for freedom, had adjusted themselves to being ruled?

This Independence Day let us pledge not to adjust but fight to build a nation our freedom fighters truly dreamt off. The struggle continues...>

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