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Stalin’s government offered high standard houses for Rs.70000

By Anuj Cariappa
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Chennai: Those who crossed Teynampet recently can relate to this more than any other! The design of the buildings leaves everyone wondering if it is a Teynampet Slum Clearance Board apartment or a high-budgeted private residence. The building has been built with high standards, which includes "elevators, parking lots, parks and grounds of better quality than private apartments," the residents said.

Stalin’s government offered high standard houses for Rs.70000

M. Karunanidhi's Dream Project

Within a year, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin completed the construction of the Teynampet slum clearance board housing works, which were going on at a turtle's pace during the AIADMK regime.

"M.Karunanidhi has always dreamt of constructing buildings for the people who settle themselves into small huts.

M.Karunanidhi is a role model for India. He formed the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board in 1971 and started the work on constructing new buildings. The agenda of the Board is to demolish the slums in the state. The slums were the majority filled with huts and the places were highly unhygienic.

He was firm on 'eliminating slums and providing hygienic habitations' and wanted to provide proper drinking water supply, electricity connection, facilities. Everything was taken into consideration and so slum clearance board houses were constructed in the residential areas inhabited by fishermen.

Stalin’s government offered high standard houses for Rs.70000

Stalin is way faster than Karunanithi.

After M K Stalin took over as chief minister, the name of the Slum Clearance Board was changed to 'Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board' and also brought a few amendments to the rules. He has announced that the houses provided under the scheme will be given in the name of the head of the household.

15,000 habitations are being constructed throughout Tamil Nadu through the Urban Habitat Development Board. The Board has also been awarded the Union Government award for its excellent implementation of the Housing for All scheme.

Accordingly, the buildings were constructed and one among them, at Alayamman Koil Street in Teynampet, was ready for living. With a fantastic design and amazing works, the houses are now available, and the government is offering the houses in concession for Rs70,000.

Stalin’s government offered high standard houses for Rs.70000

220 square feet on that day; 420 square feet today.

We spoke to Murugesan, executive engineer of the Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board.

"Earlier there were five blocks in teynampet board quarters. Since 208 houses were in a dilapidated condition, it was decided that all of them could be demolished, and a new building could be constructed. Now we have constructed nine floors. We have also completed it with the File Foundation. Here, we have constructed only two blocks and designed it as a multi-storey edifice with nine floors," he says.

Murugesan further said, " the design was drafted by experts from IIT and Anna University. The building has been built with high professionals' opinions. Earlier, each house was around 220sqfeet but now we have increased the space for each house to 420sqfeet. Therefore, the house will be sufficient to accommodate families without any compression.

Yellammal, who bought a house recently in the same space, said "It has been built with more space than ever before. The ventilation is good as the house is built with more windows. The verandah, the living room, everything is more comfortable and sufficient.

Hari, one of the residents said, "We all used to sleep in the same room in the earlier house. It can be a big hindrance for children to study and we never had privacy. It was in this crisis that the children grew up. But now, due to the increase in space, we could have some privacy.

Stalin’s government offered high standard houses for Rs.70000

Chief Minister Stalin's offer

"Initially the government fixed the price as Rs 1.5 lakhs, which is high for lower middle class people. However, Stalin ordered us to reduce the price to half. Now it is only Rs70,000 which is affordable for us. Says Hari

"Earlier there were no lift facilities, old aged people were suffering to climb the floors. Now, we see that it is nine floors and we have a lift facility. Not only that, we have separate rooms which are very useful for the ladies in the house to change clothes or for privacy. We also have a parking facility in the newly built apartment.

Compared to a private apartment, we could say we have all the facilities here that are provided in a private apartment. We have a park and ground facilities for the children to play sports.

Facilities have also been made suitable for transportation and firefighting. Another important thing is that 2 lifts have been set up for each block. Even if one is damaged, the other is planned and constructed in advance.

"Having a lift in the apartment is a great comfort. There is enough space for us in the elevator. In another lift, there is a facility to load and unload goods. I am thankful to the Chief Minister for building such an apartment," says Alamelu, a resident of the apartment.

Stalin’s government offered high standard houses for Rs.70000

Self-employment training for women

The government has not only constructed an apartment in Teynampet. The women here are given loans through self-help groups and the government is also teaching them to do business. In addition, sewing training is also given to women. Bank loans have also been arranged as per their convenience by enumerating the students residing in the flats. Many are earning a good income from the tailoring training imparted here.

' Once the power went off when we were using the elevator, immediately the power switched on and then we came to know that we had the generator facility in the elevator. Now, anybody who is staying on the 9th floor can also use the elevator without any fear. Smiles Ponarasi, a tailor from the training

Stalin’s government offered high standard houses for Rs.70000

Our Residence; Our Responsibility

Next, we spoke to Manju, the community development officer of the Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board. "In this apartment, our dwelling, a scheme called 'Our Responsibility', has been implemented. Through this, a welfare society has been established among the residents.

Therefore, arrangements have been made for the residents to manage the settlement. A house earns Rs. 750 a month. Similarly, the government will provide Rs 750 per month for the welfare of these people. It is the responsibility of society there to manage these houses with that amount.

The government has given the amount for three months as a prelude to getting this amount in full for all the households first," he says.

Even in Mumbai, known as the financial hub of India, the huts have not completely disappeared. But Chennai is an exception. A generation will soon be able to see Chennai, which is devoid of huts. In that respect, Tamil Nadu is the most distinguished state in India.

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