Modi mocks at Salman Khurshid over China goof-up

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Chennai, Oct 18: Pointing out to the culture and traditions of the country Modi said that the cultural and economic strengths of the states need to be leveraged for global positioning.

India has to play and will play a major role in world affairs, he said. "World has accepted that the next century will be Asia's century but we must make sure that next century is India's century," he added.

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Modi mocks at Salman Kurshid

Reminding  foreign minister Salman Khurshid's shocking statememt during his China visit, Modi mocked at UPA ministers.

Modi said, "Our foreign minister reads speech of another speech! Foreign Minister went to China & said he wants to stay in Beijing."

"This is not a policy it is a mockery and this has to be changed. Immediate things is to take our nation seriously," Modi added.

During his China visit in May 2013, Khurshid enamoured by his Chinese hosts gushed that he would "love to live in Beijing."

Terrorism divides, tourism unites, Modi reiterates his old Mantra:
Reiterating his old mantra, BJP PM candidate claimed, Terrorism divides, tourism unites." He also added, "Our present strength can be used to increase our influence."

"We are large country. Question which comes to my mind- how can we be in such a pitiable condition?" asked Modi.

How Lord Buddha can help India, neighbours, reveals Modi:
The Gujarat CM shared few ideas on how our foreign relations should be set. Modi said, "World living in insecure conditions. This instability arises from relationships. It arises from lack of our capacity to accept other views."

Restraint and balance are our healing power. We talk of soft power but I want to add our healing power. For many Asian and East Asian nations Lord Buddha is a common thread between us and we should strengthen this bond.

Modi snubs Digvijay's criticism, hails Gandhiji again:
Despite Congress' criticism, Modi once again hailed Mahatma Gandhi during his speech at Madras University. He said, Gandhi ji gave importance to moral dimension in conduct of persons and nations. Freedom struggle not only about getting freedom from British rule but a part of a wider global anti-colonial movement"

Continuing his speech talking about Gandhiji, Modi said, "These principles must shape foreign policy today. We cannot dilute this. This is what brought India & Africa together."

Recently, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh criticised Modi saying, "Modi takes Gandhi's name not because he agrees with his ideologies or principles but because he wants to encash on his standing among the people."

Modi woos Tamilians, begins speech with Vanakkam:
Gujarat CM impressed Tamilians in Chennai as he began his speech with "Vanakkam" (greeting in Tamil). Paying his tribute tolegal stalwart -- Nani Palkhivala, Modi said, "He was known for his tall works and the book 'We the People'."

"I have been asked to speak on 'India and the World'- at the outset I feel that we are lucky to be born in this country. It is said in our scriptures that this is a land where even Gods want to take birth. Our scriptures have shown us how to relate with world," Modi added.

China is much bigger problem than Pakistan: Shourie
Speaking about China and foreign policies, the former union minister compared threats poised at India by two neighbouring countries -- China and Pakistan.

Shourie said, "Immediate problem is Pakistan but it is manageable. China is a much bigger problem."

Arun Shourie hails Narendra Modi at Madras Univ function:
Eminent journalist and former union minister Arun Shourie is speaking at the programme. Shourie hailed Modi and claimed, This is the largest attendance for a Palikhivala lecture. This is Narendra Modi's adult education programme," and also added, "I know Narendra Modi's presence will increase my market cap."

"Narendra Modi has a phrase- Nayi soch, Nayi Ummed...a new way of thinking a new hope," he added.

Narendra Modi at Madras University in Chennai: Watch Live Video
The Gujarat CM, while addressing a crowd gathered at the Chennai airport, slammed UPA government for sending Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to carry out digging at Unnao in Uttar Pradesh whereover 1,000 tonnes of Gold is believed to have been buried under a fort.

Soon he headed for Madras University where he will attend the function arranged by the Palkhivala Foundation to release a book authored by Arun Shourie.

Watch Live Video:

Narendra Modi reaches Chennai to woo young students:
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi reached Chennai on Friday, Oct 18. He is scheduled to address young students and other dignitaries who assembled at the central hall of Madras University. Modi reached Chennai around 3:00 pm. The programme at Madras University is expected to begin around 6:30 pm.

The BJP PM candidate is also expected to meet his counterpart in Tamil Nadu -- Jayalalithaa. Earlier Madras High Court rejected a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) which had opposed Modi's presence in the Madras university function. Tamizhnadu Makkal Katchi (TMK) president -- Thanga Tamizhvelan earlier had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) opposing Modi's participation in the function which has been arranged by the Palkhivala Foundation to release a book authored by Arun Shourie.

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