Why the UPA govt should take a second look at Disabilities Bill

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UPA in a rush to pass Disabilities Bill?
Bangalore, Feb 4: In the run up to the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, one cannot help but notice that the UPA is doing its best to woo the voters. After raising the cap on the subsidised LPG cylinders, the UPA is in a rush to pass the Disabilities Bill.

However volunteers of the Mission 272+ point out the loopholes of the Bill. The Mission 272+ volunteers have come up with a set of amendments that can be taken into consideration [read here]-

In order for a smooth functioning, there needs to be a comprehensive department that will have the authority and the funding for the effectiveness of the Bill. The benchmark for disability should be at 20 per cent impairment instead of 40 per cent.

Benchmark for disability should be at 20 per cent impairment

Aadhaar card must be the universal identity for disabled people across the country so that they can benefit from all government schemes.

In terms of education, education loan at zero interest must be provided for those who wish to continue their higher studies.

In the field of employment, there must be strict laws for discrimination based on disability. Transportation must be made feasible for all disabled people with proper equipments.

A disabled person should be given a disability certificate within 24 hours by chief medical officer of a local government hospital and also medicines should be given at a subsidized prize.

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