Enough with the stunts Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi needs a real leader now

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Did Kejriwal purposely choose jail?
When BJP and its allies hogged all the limelight on May 16 after the results of Lok Sabha elections were announced, Arvind Kejriwal according to reports was hurrying back to Delhi and now we know why.

Since Kejriwal sensed defeated way before others could know, he wanted to return to Delhi and savage what was left and unfortunately was unsuccessful in doing so. After a meeting with Lt Governor Najeeb Jung on Tuesday, the picture was pretty clear.

Congress refused to support AAP in the assembly elections, while BJP maintained its clear stand on fresh elections. Maybe the Congress party realized and remembered the famous saying ‘once bitten twice shy.'

Though Kejriwal admitted that quitting Delhi government after 49 days was a ‘mistake' and even apologised for the same, little is left for the AAP now.

On Wednesday however he was seen making headlines again after he was sent to judicial custody till May 23 in the Nitin Gadkari defamation case. Though the court asked Kejriwal to furnish a personal bond of Rs 10,000, Kejriwal refused and chose jail over the bond.

Kejriwal refused to furnish a personal bond in Gadkari defamation case

Now the question arises why did he not furnish a bond? Did he not have the funds? Well that's not possible considering he declared assets more than the PM designate Narendra Modi while filing his nomination during the Lok sabha elections. Or was this an attempt to win the people's faith in Delhi.

Whatever maybe the reason Mr Kejriwal it surely isn't going to work because like the Congress, the people of Delhi too are fed up with false promises, inexperienced governance and dharnas. What the people of Delhi want now is a stable government that will in fact put an end to their woes.

They put their faith in you and you failed to live upto their expectations miserably.

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