'Communal' clash in Ahmedabad, 4 injured

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Clash in Ahmedabad, 4 injured
Ahmedabad, May 27: Police fires tear gas following a sudden communal flare-up at Gomtipur area here on Sunday night after two groups clashed during a wedding. Four persons, including the driver of a police vehicle, were injured in heavy stone-pelting while three vehicles and two small shops were burnt down.

Police said the actual cause of the problem is still being probed. According to one source, youths from one community went to a nearby betel shop to smoke where some youths from another community criticised them and slowly it snowballed into a major dispute.

It was the first communal clash in Ahmedbad since Godhra in 2002, sources said

According to The Hindu, Joint Commissioner of Police Manoj Shashidharan said although the conflicting youths were divided on communal lines but at one point of time, they were mixed.

The police said the tension was defused in 20 minutes but according to a local person who was injured in the clash, the clashes went on for an hour before the police arrived and dispersed the mobs.

It was said that Sunday's clashes were the first to happen in the state since the Godhra incident of 2002.

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