Police confirm allegations against Asaram; nation divided

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Surat/New Delhi, Aug 29:Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu can finally be arrested now! at least after the police has confirmed all allegations against him. DCP Ajay Kumar Lamba has said in clear words that the charges against Asaram are correct.

In fact, the police has also rejected Asaram's plea to delay his appearance in court till September 19. However, sources say that the deadline expires on Friday (August 30) and that the police is ready to arrest him if he failed to cooperate with the investigations.

Asaram Bapu

Contrasting statements

Meanwhile, one can trace stark contrast in the statements of Asaram Bapu and his son. While the former, in an interview with a leading news channel said that the girl was "intelligent" and read in 12th standard, the latter alleged that the girl was mentally "unstable".

The people, however, are divided in their opinions about the case. In Surat, for instance, around 50,000 people eagerly waited for him with garlands and flowers on the one hand, on the other hand, posters of the Godman were being destroyed as a mark of protest against the godman's deeds.

No place for bragging

Asaram was also spotted bragging of his political connections when he said "I have sent several greetings to the Rajasthan Chief Minister in the past. He knows me. He has come to visit me several times. He has also gone to my cow shelter many times without my having invited him. Such is his love for my cow shelter."

However, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that law and order is for all and no one can be an exception, if found guilty. Further, he had directed the police not to come under any pressure while investigating the allegations.

Deepening the suspicion on Asaram are many more untold stories from his closest of former aides. He said that women were routinely abused in the ashram and despite several complaints against him, the police failed to take any action.

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