Domestic help gets caught after sending FB request to robbed employers

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Navi Mumbai, Aug 6: In a strange act of stupidity, a domestic help on the run (after looting Rs 25 lakh from his employers in Navi Mumbai's Vashi), sent a friend request to his employers on Facebook.

For a second, one would think that it was ignorance or a playful act on his part to tease his employers, but it turns out to be his arrogance when he thought that the crime that he had committed was considered so insignificant that even the police is not chasing him.

Just four months earlier, Suvabrata Sanyal, a domestic help of a retired couple (marine engineer Deepak Raut, 69, and his wife Amita, 65) ran away with Rs 25 lakhs and was in hiding till recently when he was tracked and nabbed by the police in Kolkata by a Facebook friend request that he had sent his employers. Police could not help but ask him why he did something, which would have landed him in jail for sure. The answer was surprising.

He wanted to check on his employers whether they had lodged a complaint against him or whether the police was on a look out for him. Moreover, to ensure that his employers recognize him properly, he changed the display picture every 10 minutes. He was caught when the couple reported the police of the incident.

Police said that he had sent friend requests to the couple's son and daughter too. The domestic help is now in police custody.


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