Floods hit Assam, destroy 300 villages

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Assam, July 4: Heavy and incessant rains in Assam for the past one week has burst the embankment of Brahmaputra, leading to flood.

Around 300 villages in eight districts were drowned in the flood water and thousands had to flee to the three-relief camps that was set by the government. Close to 30,000 animals were washed away and almost 5,000 people had to relocate to make-shift camps.

Floods hit Assam, destroy 300 villages

This is not the first time this happened in the state as there have been quite a number of floods since 1979. A few of the villagers complain of re-building their houses, innumerable number of times, after each flood, without any help from the government.

Further investigations reveal that the local government had run out of funds, meant for the flood risk projects. Moreover, whatever work was done was not satisfactory. Agricultural land was also destroyed, apart from public property and lives.

The havoc in Assam took place, just after a week of Uttarakhand natural disaster, where thousands of people went missing and dead.

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