Why Rahul Gandhi's mentor Digvijay Singh slams Sonia

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Digvijay Singh
New Delhi, March 27: Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi might have received a shock after facing criticism from none other than her son Rahul Gandhi's mentor - Digvijay Singh.

The former Madhya Pradesh CM and Congress General Secretary on Tuesday, March 26 slammed Mrs Gandhi over her decision to nominate a leader as the Prime Minister of India.

Warning Rahul Gandhi, Singh was quoted as saying, "Personally, I feel this model (two power centres) hasn't worked very well. Because, I personally feel there should not be two power centres and I think whoever is the PM must have the authority to function."

However, Singh claimed that Mrs Gandhi had never interferred into the decisions taken by the Central Government led by prime minister Manmohan Singh. Despite such clarification, Singh's latest statement clearly shows his disappointment with Sonia-Manmohan two power ecntre moel.

Digvijay Singh's remark on the model surfaced following controversies on Rahul Gandhi's position in the Congress party and the PM nominee ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha elections.

Despite Rahul's dilemma over the prime ministerial post, Congress party members earlier on Tuesday asserted that "only" Rahul can become the successor of Manmohan Singh taking the country forward.

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi was quoted as saying, "All the workers and leaders of Congress wish from the core of their heart that Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister of the country. We are confident that only Rahul will become the Prime Minister of the country."

"He has, in him, all the qualities required to be the Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi has in own way of thinking and is farsighted. We are confident that whenever he becomes the Prime Minister, Rahul will be a competent Prime Minister and will take the country forward," Alvi added.

Only few weeks back, Rahul, who has been recently appointed as vice-president of Congress said, "Prime Minister's post is not my priority. I believe in long-term politics."

It caused large-scale wave in media. Political pundits started speculating as why the "young" scion of Gandhi family has "sacrificed" the Prime Minister's post? Even if Rahul does not want to adorn the PM's post, but party sycophants are not ready to accept the fact that their "dear Rahul baba" is not interested in becoming India's most powerful man.

Digvijay Singh ignited the speculation over whether Rahul will become India's Prime Minister or not. "He (Rahul Gandhi) has not said no anywhere. What is being reported in the press has caused some misconception. If the people of the country want, then why won't he (become the PM candidate)?" Singh told reporters in New Delhi on Tuesday.

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