Praising Advani: Is it a Mulayam-Cong venture to floor BJP?

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New Delhi, March 27: Did Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav give a masterstroke by means of praising senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani? For it is heard that Netajis praise for Advani has left the latter's party a divided lot.

While BJP chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan lauded Yadav for saying that Advani is an honest politician in the country whose suggestion should be followed, BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said the praise had little relevance for Yadav himself had little personal credibility.

Some quarters say that Mulayam Singh is actually keeping all doors ajar for the post-Lok Sabha polls scenario and hence was positioning himself close to both the UPA and NDA while also speaking on the possibility of a third front. But will Yadav ever side with the BJP? Chances are little.

Instead, this astute politician might have worked a deal with the Congress, its old friend, to rattle the BJP by means of uttering praises for Advani and not Narendra Modi, who is the more popular face of the saffron brigade at the moment.

A Uttar Pradesh BJP leader said recently that the SP and BJP only differ on the issue of common civil code and Ram Temple and if Yadav was ready to compromise on the twin issues, the two parties wouldn't have much problem in joining hands.

The leader might have entrapped by Yadav who had said on February 27 that his party had no differences with the BJP on issues like patriotism, language and border security and if the latter changed its viewpoints on Muslims and Kashmir, his party would also change its views. Nice words to keep the BJP interested but will this ever happen?

Yadav is little likely to take BJP into confidence for it will not only reduce his chances of becoming the prime minister owing to huge polarisation of votes in UP (in case he joins hands with the communal forces and it will help the Congress more) but also the presence of Modi will not give him much space to wear the PM's crown even if he wins.

The SP chief's best opportunity to become the PM is through asserting himself as a secular leader who can defeat Modi's grand dream to rise to the top. In that case, Yadav will also get allies more easily for finding a foe in Modi will help him garner polarised votes in a massive number.

This plan can be further facilitated if Yadav rattles the BJP's divided and fragile house by throwing some insignificant praises for its leaders. And if the BJP can be floored in Uttar Pradesh, the chances of a second NDA government will look slimmer.

Praising Advani or the former NDA government led by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee won't cost the SP leaders much but will worsen the rift between the pro and anti-Modi camps in the BJP further. Yadav has more chances of becoming the prime minister post 2014 with the help of the Congress party in case the latter's seats come down by a big margin. Why should he then try to befriend a weak BJP and put his chances at stake?

The crafty politician is worried that the fast retarding law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh could strengthen the anti-incumbency mood faster than expected and he found a good opportunity to use Advani's concern for the situation in the state as an eye-opener for his son's government. That is all about the Advani episode. The rest of the plot features Congress, Yadav and their joint venture to decimate the common enemy.

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