Our public leaders mocking law by backing Sanjay Dutt

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Bangalore, March 27: The recent ruling by the Supreme Court of India on Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has exposed a strange nature of our political elite.

The sympathy for Dutt, who has been convicted in connection to the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts which claimed several lives, from his colleagues and fans is a normal consequence but when the same sympathy oozes out of the politicians, then it is not a desirable outcome.

It is a question of morality. The way some of the prominent politicians of the country have expressed concern for Dutt and even desired him to be pardoned, it shows the nation's judiciary in a poor light. Why should leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Digvijay Singh, Raj Thackeray, Amar Singh, Jayaprada and others express sympathy for Dutt? It doesn't matter whether Dutt's father Sunil was a respected man in the film and political industry.

Banerjee has no business to appeal for Dutt's pardon just because she respected his father who was a Congress politician. As the chief executive of a constituent province of the Indian Union, Banerjee should be responsible enough to show some respect for the country's law and constitution.

Sanjay Dutt is just another convicted offender and he should not be judged differently from any other faceless criminal of the society. Why isn't our democratically elected leaders do not have this minimum realisation?

Banerjee's supporters might say that she has expressed her concern for Dutt in her personal social website wall, but that doesn't make her clean. Every word uttered or written by a leader in a public platform should abide by their public position.

Some leaders have been seen publicly declaring their personal opinion on Dutt, which is surprising. If these leaders really feel otherwise than how Dutt has been legally treated, they should make it known in their private space which doesn't have a rick to be revealed publicly.

Should the Banerjees and Sings be taught the difference between public and private now?

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