Why so much hungama? A simple DNA test can nail Bitti

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New Delhi, March 15: Why are Kerala and Rajasthan police going around the country trying to establish the identity of Bitti Mohanty? A simple DNA paternity test costing little more than Rs 10000 should be able establish his identity.

Such DNA test was used recently in the case of Congress leader ND Tiwari.

What is DNA Test

A DNA paternity test is a scientific test performed to determine whether a man is related to a biological father or a child. A standard test is completed using cheek swabs from the mother, child and father however testing may occur even without a sample from the mother.

There are many methods in test, but the technology used most often is the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing for analysis.

Bitti Mohanty

First, pure DNA is isolated from the sample by removing all the proteins and other things that can be found within a cell.

Next, the laboratory examines specific loci (locations) of each individual DNA sample. Since all individuals have 2 copies of each chromosome, they will have two readings for each locus tested. Once testing is completed, DNA loci are compared. Readings for each tested individual will have two numbers. For each locus, one of the child's numbers must match one of the mother's numbers for that locus. The child's other number will match the biological father's.

If the numbers match, a paternity index will be determined. The paternity index is a calculation of how frequently that match occurs in a specific race population, the likelihood that the tested man is the biological father based on that loci. One locus is not enough to conclusively determine paternity, so most labs test multiple loci, at least 16 loci.
Each locus has its own paternity index. If all the loci match, the paternity indices for each are combined, and a probability of paternity is calculated. The probability of paternity is the final percentage calculated.

The investigation so far

After examining the records of Alwar jail, a team of Kerala Police today arrived in Jaipur with German woman rape case convict Bitti Mohanty to establish his identity.

The team from Kunnur district of Kerala along with the convict Mohanty arrived by a train from Alwar and went to Transport Nagar Police Station for a halt, police sources said.

The team will go to Jaipur jail to carry out its investigation.

Additional Commissioner of Jaipur police Biju George Joseph said that the Kunnur police will carry out its course of investigation.

The team had yesterday visited Alwar jail and examined its record to verify the identity of Mohanty who was arrested in Kerala last week.

Bitti was arrested in Kerala on March 8 on a complaint by a bank following an anonymous letter to the bank stating that the probationary officer working as Raghav Rajan was the convicted son of the former Odisha Director General of Police B B Mohanty.

He was arrested on charges of impersonation, forgery and cheating in Kunnur district.

Bitty had been hiding from the law ever since he jumped parole in 2006 from Alwar jail in Rajasthan.

He was convicted by a local court in Alwar for raping his German friend in 2006 and was released in November 2006 on parole from Jaipur to meet his ailing mother at Cuttack, Odisha.

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