How Bitti Mohanty lost hide & seek game in Andhra Pradesh

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Bitti Mohanty
Anantapur, March 14: Bitti Mohanty, the convict of German woman rape case, seems to have lost his 7-year-old long battle of hide and seek in Andhra Pradesh.

Anantapur, the place where he had taken shelter duping the police, has exposed the real identity of the culprit who has been maintaining his claim that he is not Bitti but Raghav Rajan.

Bitti alias Raghav had jumped parole in 2006 and has been living the the life of a dual life. A group of Kerala police on Wednesday, March 13 reached Puttaparthy where the culprit had stayed for two years.

Bitti, who received an MBA degree from Kannur in Kerala, had submitted fake identities of his parents. Kerala police discovered that Rajiv Rajan and Saraswati Rajan, the names which had been listed as Rajiv's parents, do not exist.

The Kerala police also discovered few important documents which would expose Bitti completely, said sources. Earlier a retired head master SV Rama Rao told police how Bitti and his father had ditched him in getting job in a school near Anantapur. The former headmaster also revealed how Bitti, on the pretext of being a devotee of Satya Sai Baba, got an apartment in Puttuparthy in 2007.

Earlier Bitti and his father, a former senior police official of Orissa, refused to accept that the arrested person in the convict of the German woman rape case.

The case is high profile as Bitti is the son of former Odisha DGP BB Mohanty, who helped him to jump parole. Earlier, Bitti was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment for raping a 26-year-old German tourist in Alwar, Rajasthan.

But, he took advantage of his father's position when he was allowed a 15-day parole to meet his ailing mother in 2006. Bitti jumped parole and was absconding since then.

Bitti's father was accused of helping his son jump parole. The former Odisha DGP was suspended and even arrested on the charge of helping and hiding his son. But he was later reinstated in service and retired last year.

Bitti has been taken to Rajasthan where police would give its final report on his real identity. According to sources, the investigating team would conduct a finger print match test to confirm their statement that the arrested person is Bitti Mohanty and not Rajiv Rajan.

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