Sonia kick-starts poll campaign, denies charges against UPA

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Sonia Gandhi
Rajkot, Oct 3: Congress president Sonia Gandhi rubbished all the charges made against her and Congress-led UPA government by opposition parties at a campaign meeting in Rajkot on Wednesday, Oct 3.

In the public meeting, Sonia formally kick-started party's campaign for upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat.

Sonia said the opposition parties are making 'making baseless allegations'.

Political observers were expecting Sonia to reply back to charges made against her by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. But she did not make any direct reference against Modi.

However, she said charges made against UPA government by opposition were to divert attention from main issues concerning people.

"Our opposition is making baseless charges and as a result, important issues and good points are being left unnoticed," added Sonia

Modi had earlier made charges that UPA government had wasted over Rs 1,800 crore of public money on her foreign tours and treatment abroad.

Congress President also supported UPA government's stand on bringing Foreign Direct Invesrment (FDI) in retail and advocated its benefits to farmers. Sonia asked,"I wish to ask is it not the right of farmers to get the right price for their produce?" 

She had also criticised BJP government in the state and said,"Here when poor people ask for their rights, they have to face bullets."

Congress President said that farmers of Gujarat were suffering and committing suicides

Accusing Modi government, Sonia said that Congress has taken up projects for farmers, but their benefits weren't reaching the farmers in Gujarat. "We have taken up projects for the benefit of the farmers, but it is not reaching the farmers of Gujarat. A canal has been built by the central government, but water is not reaching the farmers," Sonia said.

She said Congress party was working for aam aadmi (the common man).

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