Assembly Polls 2012: Did Anna factor work in favour of BJP?

By: Nirmal Raibole
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Anna Hazare
Bangalore, Mar 6: With BJP leading in Assembly elections in Goa, Punjab, Uttarakhand, leaving the Congress party red-faced, the credit sure goes to Team Anna, whose munificence of not sparing the Congress at any cost for not introducing a strong lokpal bill cast a spell in BJP's favour.

Congress' star campaigners Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi's charisma failed to woo voters in Uttar Pradesh owing to its record of charges of scandals of corruption, politics and bribery levelled against it.

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Congress' jitters worsened after anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare adhered strictly to his resolution to introduce a strong Lokpal Bill, knocking the doors of Centre, at the same time enlightening millions of minds across the country for the need of a strong Lokpal.

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Things started falling in place for the BJP after Team Anna decided to campaign against Congress in poll-bound states for allegedly 'cheating' the country on the Lokpal debate.

Swinging back and forth, clinging to its motto to bulldoze Congress out of power, they also released a pamphlet targetting the Congress, while cracking its whip on other parties including the BJP at the same time.

While Congress' inability to connect with the common man lead to its decline, the same worked for in favour of BJP.

"Corruption has had an effect on the election results. If Congress had brought the Lokpal, people would have supported it," said Anna Hazare.

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