Google's wall painting remembers Mexican artist

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Google Doodle
Bangalore, Dec 8: The technology and search engine giant once again came up with a brilliant and attractive Doodle celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of the famous Mexican artist - Diego Rivera.

The colourful and meaningful Doodle have been dedicated to Diego Rivera whose large wall works in fresco helped establish the Mexican Mural Movement in Mexican art.

Diego Rivera, who was born in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1886 was one of the pioneers of wall painting and caught the attention of general people to the artistic world. He opened a new side of artistic sight after delineating colourful paintings in public buildings.

Google on Thursday, Dec 8 honoured the famous Mexican artist with its logo (Doodle) on its homepage worldwide. However, the search engine giant did not miss to show its name (Google) with the Doodle. While the first letter of the name - 'G' has been replaced by the Sun, the second and third letters have been replaced by the child in his mother's lap and the fifth letter 'L' has been shown in the form of a part of the wall painting.

Google always comes up with innovative Doodles reminding its viewers about special events, days, occasions, life of great artists and scientists. One click on Google's special Doodles takes the readers to a world where they (readers) will get all information about the Doodle.

Just a click on the Doodle will take you to the works of the famous artist of Mexico, Diego Rivera.

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