"Hinglish" to be used in official work

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New Delhi, Oct 13: The Ministry of Home Affairs has allowed government babus to use English words while making official notes in Hindi. From now, babus will not have to wrack their brains to find Hindi words for commonly used English words like 'awareness', 'regular', 'de-forestation', 'programme', 'rain-water harvesting', and 'higher education'.

The ministry had already circulated a comprehensive guideline on use of simple Hindi words in official work making it possible for babus to use English words regularly as they are using in their daily conversations.

With this circular, the official copy can use a mix of Hindi and English words while making a note in Hindi without any remark as long as they use the English words in the Devnagri script.

The circular has directed the use of popular Hindi words and English alternatives to make the language more attractive and popular in government offices and with masses.

"Whenever, during the official work, Hindi is used as translating language, it becomes difficult and complex. There is an urgent need to make changes in the process of English to Hindi translations. Translations should carry expression of the original text rather than word-by-word Hindi substitute," the circular said.

"Foreign words which are now popular in Hindi like 'ticket', 'signal', 'lift', 'station', 'police', 'bureau', 'button', 'fee'...and Arabian, Turkish, Farsi words like Adalat', Kanoon', 'Muqadma', 'Kagaz', 'Daftar'...should be used as it is in Hindi correspondence," the circular said further.

The ministry said that the use of popular words in Urdu, English and other regional languages should be implemented in official work. Pure Hindi is made for literary purposes while practical 'mixed' version can be used for work purposes.

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