Anna Hazare ups the ante; sticks to Aug 30 deadline

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Aug 23: There are reports suggesting that Gandhian Anna Hazare's health situation has worsened, according to certain media channels. On his eighth day of continuous fast, Team Anna was facing serious concerns in regard to the 73-year-old's health conditions. Even as a team of doctors from the government side and the Medanta Hospital are keeping a close watch on the failing health of the anti-corruption crusader, his resilience was intact.

Speaking for the first time in Ramlila grounds on Tuesday, Anna said, "I am fine, the doctors here are good. They will not let me die." He used the opportunity to lambast the independence we have been enjoying over the years and proclaimed at the spirited gathering, "Traitors destroyed out independence."

He also blasted those who resorted to violence and used unfair means to gain moral grounds. He requested, "Please do not resort to violence. I am sad that some people consumed alcohol and there was hooliganism, appeal people to follow Ahimsa (non-violence)."

He also called for people to practice selflessness and said that he was glad that his life is utilized for the common benefit of people. He boldly stated, "Request the people of my country to continue this kranti. People should continue to fight even if I am not there. I would consider myself lucky if I die for my society, the people of my country." And added, "Lakhs of people sacrificed their lives for freedom but due to selfishness of some people we have not got the right freedom."

In a veiled warning of sorts, Anna said, "If the Parliament does not come up with a solution by 30th Aug, we will sit on dharna in front of MPs' houses."

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