Google News Badges: Read news, Win this Game!

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Google News Badges
New York, Jul 16: If you love reading news, you can win this game easily! Google has introduced a new social game dubbed as 'Google Badges' for Google News readers. Read more stories on your interest and collect badges as many as possible.

If you are interested on a particular topic, read more articles on that topic and collect private or sharable badges for your favorite topics. The more articles you read on Google News, the more your badges level up. You can reach Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally Ultimate!

Google said that there are more than 500 badges up for grabs. You can collect or share the badges with your friends. You can choose to share a specific badge in your badge collection by mousing over the badge and clicking one of the sharing icons. When you share a badge, it reveals your badge"s name and level, as well as the rough number of articles that you have read about the badge"s topic.

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"Tell them about your news interests, display your expertise, start a conversation or just plain brag about how well-read you are. You can also add custom sections by hovering on a badge and clicking “add section" to read more about your favorite topics," Google said in its blog.

To get started with badges, you have to visit Google News from a signed-in account with web history enabled. Anyhow, currently Google Badges is available only in United States, but soon it will be available in other markets.

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