Patent infringement: Oracle wants $2.6 billion from Google

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Oracle Vs Google Android
California, Jun 30: Oracle Corp. has asked for $2.6 billion from the search engine giant Google for patent- and copyright-infringement on Java.

According to the lawsuit filed in the n US District Court for the Northern District of California, Oracle claimed that Google deliberately infringed its intellectual property on Java for Android operating system.

"Google repeatedly rejected the reasonable licensing terms that Sun offered and ultimately chose to willfully infringe Oracle's intellectual property and release the Java-based Android platform," Oracle said in the lawsuit.

"Google did so because it was unwilling to accept the terms that Sun proposed, which would have obliged Google to pay up-front royalties and an additional royalty expressed as a percentage of Android-based advertising revenues, and to share control over the Android ecosystem with Sun (thereby providing Sun a substantial revenue stream in addition to royalties paid by Google)."

Oracle claimed $2.6 billion from Google for the damages. Oracle said that the amount was estimated by the company's damages expert, Iain Cockburn, a professor of finance and economics at Boston University.

Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, the founder of Java, in Jan 2010. Soon after it, Oracle filed a petition in the court asking to ban further use of its intellectual property and force the destruction of all products that violate Java-related copyrights.

Google retorted saying that the patents are invalid and not infringed. It claimed that Android users have a license to any patents in the case.

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