No more Fights: Google Loves Facebook via Social Search

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Google Social Search
California, May 19: The technology giant Google has started to roll out the Social Search feature on its search engine globally.

Google introduced the Social Search feature, which brings information from social networks, such as Facebook & Twitter, in Oct 2009, but decided to make available only after two years of it debut. It's more interesting that the Google started this service amid the controversy over Facebook's hiring of a PR company to spread sully stories about Google"s use of people"s private information to improve its service.

The new Social Search feature help users to find pages their friends have created and find links your contacts have shared on Twitter and other sites. While the users search for any information, the Social Search feature shows results relevant information from their friends and the people you care about.

"Just like on, social search results in other languages and on other domains are mixed throughout the Google results page based on their relevance. For example, if you"re looking for information about low-light photography and your friend Marcin has written a blog post about it, that post may show up higher in your results with a clear annotation and picture of Marcin," said Yohann Coppel, Google's Software Engineer, in Google Blog.

For using Google Social Search, users have to login to their Google account. If the user starts searching, Google makes a best guess about whose public content he may want to see in his results, including people from his Google chat buddy list, Google Contacts, the people he's following in Google Reader and Buzz, and the networks he linked from his Google profile or Google Account.

"For public networks like Twitter, Google finds your friends and sees who they"re publicly connected to as well. You can see a complete list of the people included in your social search results in your personal Google Dashboard," Google exec explained.

Currently, Google Social Search is available in 19 languages and will be expanded to more languages in near future. Now, it's your time to find out more about your friends!

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