Rape: Shiney Ahuja resists 7 yr imprison; Bollywood supports

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Shiney Ahuja
Mumbai, Mar 31: It seems that the actor Shiney Ahuja is not yet ready to succumb to the verdict pronounced by a Mumbai session court on Mar 30. Shiney is going to challenge the pronouncement of the court convicting him for raping his domestic help. Shiney got seven years of rigorous imprisonment over the crime.

Sources informed that Shiney's lawyer argued that the court disregarded his appeal for pardon and only relied on the FIR in the in-camera trial to convict the 36-year-old actor.

Meanwhile, another popular actor of Bollywood - Arshad Warsi came out criticising the judiciary as he tweeted in his Twitter account, "Murderers, terrorist n corrupt politicians r walking free n Shiney Ahuja gets 7yrs... Judiciary should stop targeting Actors so blatantly (sic)."

However, giving an explanation to his statement, Warsi also tweeted, "My point is all criminals should be punished equally, it's not fair to make an example of an actor only because it makes news."

Salman Khan also supported Shiney as he claimed, "I hope he (Shiney) is innocent, and if anyone is trying to frame him, that person should come out in the open. Seven year jail term is too long, especially if someone has lied about it."

Another director-actor Farhan Akhtar said, "He has pleaded against the decision. If he can prove it wrong, he will come out. At the end of the day, we have a legal system in the country."

Shiney Ahuja was arrested on Jun 14, 2009 after their 20-year-old maid accused the actor of forcing himself on her and threatening her against speaking out about the incident.

He had to spend about three months in prison before getting a bail on Oct 1, 2009. Then the actor reportedly broke down after the medical reports of the victim confirmed that she was sexually assaulted.

Sources quoted Ahuja as saying, "The maid resisted but I forced her into it. I told her that she should stay mum. I was confident that she would not tell anyone of the incident and I was ready to give her whatever she wanted to make sure that she would keep quite. I have made a grave mistake."

However, surprisingly, a year after the domestic help accused Shiney of raping her and threatening her against speaking out, the 'victim' told the court that her charges were false and that she only slapped the accusations against the star on direction of a woman, who got her the job at the Ahujas.

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