Mumbai 26/11: Kasab afraid of death? Falls sick

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Ajmal Kasab ahead of final judgment on death sentence
Mumbai, Feb 20: Bombay High Court on Monday, Feb 21 will decide the final fate of Ajmal Kasab who killed many during Mumbai 26/11 attacks in 2008.

Kasab, who has been confined in Mumbai's Arthur jail, reportedly has lost his 'attitude' and has not been feeling too well ahead of the court's decision.

"He appears very weak and weary, probably he is not well. He hardly communicates with anybody, and has lost his attitude for which he had become known," sources informed.

The court will pronounce the final judgment of Kasab's death sentence which was conferred on the 26/11 terrorist by a special court in May 2010.

The judge of the court then stated, "There was no remorse at the killing of so many people. The gunmen had come prepared to die."

Now, Kasab's derogating health reports raised question - is the killer afraid of his own death?

Kasab in the only surviving terrorists of deadly Mumbai 26/11 attacks in which almost 166 people were killed.

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