US realising India''s concerns on military aid to Pak: Antony

Posted By: Pti
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New Delhi, Feb 16 (PTI) The US is "realising" that themilitary aid provided by it to Pakistan was being used againstIndia, Defence Minister A K Antony said today.

The Minister said India has been trying to convincethe US to develop a mechanism to monitor that the aid itprovides to Pakistan for fighting terrorism is not used forother purposes.

"The US is also coming to realise this... what we havebeen saying," Antony told reporters here while answeringqueries about the military aid being provided by the Americanadministration to Pakistan for its fight against terroristsand Taliban which is likely to touch USD 1.3 billion in nextfiscal.

India has been conveying its concerns to the top USleadership in various meetings over the last couple of years.

"We have repeatedly told the US that even though theirintention is to give aid to Pakistan to fight terrorism butour experience is that a sizeable portion of this aid is usedagainst India," Antony said.

Recently replying to queries about the Indian concernsin this regard, US Ambassador to India Timothy J Roemer hadsaid his country has put in place measures to ensure that thearms supplied to Islamabad are used only for fightingterrorism.

"I would like to ensure you on the arms sales toPakistan for counter terrorism; our Congress is very vigilant,very determined and very tenacious, that what purpose theweapons are used for," he had said.

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